What does Rosabella mean?

What does Rosabella mean?

beautiful rose
Rosabella as a girl’s name is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Rosabella is “beautiful rose”.

Where does Rosabella come from?

In Latin Baby Names the meaning of the name Rosabella is: Beautiful rose.

How common is the name Rosabella?

A mashup of two of the most popular baby names today, Rose and Bella, that’s still comparatively undiscovered in the US. Just 69 American baby girls were named Rosabella in 2016.

Is Rosabella a good name?

A name of Italian origin meaning “beautiful rose,” which is perfect for your little Rosabella, who will be just like her namesake: gorgeous overall, but just a little bit prickly once in a while.

How do you pronounce Rosabella?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Rosabella. ros-abel-la. Rosa-bella. Ros-abella.
  2. Meanings for Rosabella. A feminine name of Latin origin that means a beautiful rose.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. Gabriele Rose de Ginant’s Rosabella. Azure Beach Resort by Rosabella.
  4. Translations of Rosabella. Turkish : coccinea.

Who is Rosabella in Ever After High?

Paula Rhodes
Portrayers. In English, she voiced by Paula Rhodes. In Latin American Spanish, she is voiced by Betzabe Jara.

How do you pronounce Rosebella?

Phonetic spelling of Rosabella

  1. ros-abel-la.
  2. Rosa-bella. Margarett Goldner.
  3. Ros-abella.
  4. Roh-sah-Vai-Yah.
  5. RowSaa-BEH-Laa. Magnolia Bauch.

What is Rosabella’s character like?

Rosabella is a passionate young girl with a tender heart for creatures, especially beasts treated badly by Fairy Tale society. She fights for what she wants and selflessly campaigns for the better treatment of beastly students.

Who is Rosabella in Royale Fairy Academy?

Rosabella Butten, also known as Rosa, is the main character of the well-known Royale Fairy Academy series. She attends the RFA with her fellow classmates. She has two potential male love interests, Prince Adrian and Prince Eric . Rosabella’s hair is short and light brown and seems to always be tied back into neat, short pigtails.

Where is roseabella located?

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What is roseabella doing for charity?

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