What does NUS real estate do?

What does NUS real estate do?

Our programme equips real estate students with holistic skillsets and knowledge in professional fields ranging from public housing and land use policies formulation, urban and master planning, real estate valuation, development and marketing, to real estate portfolio investment, finance and asset management.

What can I do with real estate degree in Singapore?

Broad Range of Career Opportunities:

  • Real estate investment and development, advisory, leasing, financing;
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) management;
  • Investment banking;
  • Consulting.

What do you learn in real estate NUS?

The MSc Real Estate provides both fundamental understanding in real estate in areas such as urban economics and policy, real estate development, finance, investment and appraisal, as well as cutting edge applications including securitization, asset and portfolio management, and advanced investment and financial …

What is real estate degree about?

Studying real estate means you learn all aspects of property, from planning law to bricks and mortar. You’ll study the built environment, covering areas such as the acquisition, development, management, disposal and valuation of land and buildings.

Does suss look at GPA?

SUSS uses a 5–point GPA system to track students’ progress at programme level over the semesters of active study, where they have registered for courses. For continuation of study in the programme, students must obtain satisfactory progress during their candidature.

Does NUS have part time degree?

NUS SCALE administers a bespoke selection of part-time undergraduate programmes and certificate courses that is catered specially for working adults looking to future-proof themselves – like you.

Can you study real estate at uni?

Accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), our degree covers all aspects of real estate, including buying and selling, valuing, developing, planning, managing and investing in various property markets – commercial, industrial and residential.

How long is NUS BBA?

Students typically enrol for modules that together are worth from 18 to 24 MCs (i.e. about 5 to 6 modules) in a regular semester; more can be taken on exceptional basis. It is theoretically possible to complete a BBA in 2 years, and a BBA(Honours) in 3 years.