What does Madre Mia mean?

What does Madre Mia mean?

Top definition. Madre mia. A Spanish expression translated litterally as “Oh mother!” but it have several meanings like Oh My God, Holy shit, oh crap, and anything that makes you look like WTF.

What does the Spanish word Calavera mean?

The word calavera (or calaverita in the diminutive) means “skull” in Spanish, but the term is also used to refer to a kind of poem that is written and published especially around the season of Day of the Dead. The word calavera is generally used playfully: in the different contexts that it is used,…

What is the meaning of the word’Mama Mia’?

-used to express strong feeling (such as pleasure or surprise) Mamma mia! My deepest wish has come true. I have a son! – R. Eugene Jackson.

What does rompí una calavera mean?

El chamán tenía puesto un collar hecho de calaveras diminutas.The shaman was wearing a necklace made of miniature skulls. La calavera es el símbolo de la muerte.The skull is the symbol of death. Rompí una calavera mientras estacionaba.I broke a tail light while parking.