What does LeBron James I promise bracelet mean?

What does LeBron James I promise bracelet mean?

“What started as a promise to my Foundation’s kids in Akron has become bigger than just one community,” said LeBron James. “These bands represent a commitment to work hard, to never give up, and to ensure kids have all the support they need to do something with their lives.”

What is the bracelet LeBron wears?

The sport is usually basketball, though baller bands can be worn by anyone that balls. Famous basketball players wear these wristbands all the time. Perhaps the most famous example is Lebron James, who wears an “I Promise” baller band.

How do I get I promise bands?

I Promise bands ™ are available for sale at http://goo.gl/wic4e .

What does LeBron James Family Foundation do?

With a commitment to redefining community and building stronger families, The LeBron James Family Foundation invests its time, resources and passion into creating generational change for the kids and families of James’ hometown in Akron, Ohio through a focus on education and co-curricular educational initiatives.

How can I reach LeBron James?

LeBron James Booking Agent Contact Details Contact AthleteSpeakers today at 800-916-6008 to book LeBron James for a keynote speech, virtual meetings, corporate appearance, grand opening, product announcement, moderated Q&A or for an exclusive meet and greet.

How does the LeBron James Family Foundation raise money?

The Foundation has raised money and donated to the charity for many years. It began as a bike-a-thon, “Wheels For Education” to raise money for children in Akron to have help with education and a place to go after school. It developed into a program to help “at risk” children of Akron in a variety of ways.

How do I contact the LeBron James Family Foundation?

Contact Information

  1. Telephone: 2167712323.
  2. URL: lebronjamesfamilyfoundation.org.

What is LeBron’s phone number?

Nike has set up a phone line where fans can call in and leave a message for James. The number is 305-767-2226. Try to keep it clean, everyone, and remember—if you don’t have anything nice to say to the king, don’t call his Nike hotline.

What is LeBron’s logo?

LeBron James’s first logo was created in 2003 when he signed a contract with Nike to produce shoes and other apparel featuring his name and logo. At the time, LeBron was playing for the Miami Heat, and the logo that was designed featured his jersey number as well as his initials and crown design.

How much money did LeBron James give to charity?

Overall, Lebron’s Foundation has raised over $40 million for the program. Recently, Lebon teamed with the University of Akron to provide scholarships. The children must participate in the program and parents are encouraged to participate.

Is LeBron’s real family in Space Jam?

Does LeBron James’ Real Family Star In Space Jam: A New Legacy? While the family in Space Jam: A New Legacy is based on James’ real relatives, they are played by actors in the movie. Dom, James’ middle son who wants to abandon basketball in favor of other avenues, is played by young actor Cedric Joe.

Who runs LeBron James family Foundation?

In 2006, Campbell set her sights on a new vision and took a new opportunity as the Chief Operating Officer of LRMR Ventures. As part of her position at LRMR, in 2010, Michele took over as the Executive Director of the LeBron James Family Foundation.