What does K-12 mean?

What does K-12 mean?

Share this item with your network: K-12, a term used in education and educational technology in the United States, Canada, and possibly other countries, is a short form for the publicly-supported school grades prior to college. These grades are kindergarten (K) and the 1st through the 12th grade (1-12).

What are some fun facts about K-12 by Melanie Martinez?

Trivia 1 On September 23, 2020, K-12 got nominated for Top Soundtrack by Billboard Music Awards. 2 The trailer is Melanie’s first video to trend #1 on YouTube Worldwide. 3 The film is inspired by pop surrealism. 4 The film was #2 on YouTube trending on September 8 th, 2019, two days after its release. 5 Melanie helped edit the movie.

What happened to K12 Inc?

And as of December 16, 2020, K12 Inc., became Stride, Inc. As a Stride company, we’ll continue serving families and students of Stride K12-powered schools and will expand our reach to offer learning solutions to students of all ages.

When does K-12 come out?

“K-12” is a theatrical film released on September 6, 2019, directed and written by Melanie Martinez Melanie began writing the script in the summer of 2017 and finished it in February of 2018. The script was then cut down and sent in during mid-2018, with filming taking place in Europe throughout…