What does frm-41802 mean?

What does frm-41802 mean?

FRM-41802: Duplicate record function allowed on new records only. Cause: You pressed [Duplicate Record], but the current record is the one that has been fetched from the database. Action: No action is necessary.

What does frm-41369 mean?

FRM-41369: Cannot insert a second record into a single-record block. Cause: You (or the application) have attempted to insert a second record into a block whose Single Record Property is TRUE. Action: Don’t attempt to insert a record into such a block.

What’s new in the 2021 FRM exam?

The 2021 FRM Practice Exam sets forth example questions for exam preparation. The FRM curriculum is revised annually under the direction of the GARP FRM Committee to ensure that the FRM Exam remains a valid assessment of the knowledge and skills necessary to manage financial risk.

What is the difference between FRM 41077 and frm-41078?

FRM-41077: Error deleting Group Row (s). Cause: DELETE_GROUP_ROW cannot be used to delete records from a static record group, or you specified an invalid row number. Action: Correct the call to DELETE_GROUP_ROW. FRM-41078: Error resetting Group selection. Cause: Record group name or ID specified is invalid.