What does Christie mean in skiing?

What does Christie mean in skiing?

: a turn in skiing begun by stemming a ski and completed by bringing the skis parallel into a christie.

Why is it called a stem christie?

The term derives from turns employed by Norwegian jumpers in Oslo, Norway—then called “Christiana”—which was later shortened to “christie”.

What does done a Christie mean?

Definition of christie : a skiing turn used for altering the direction of hill descent or for stopping and executed usually at high speed by shifting the body weight forward and skidding into a turn with parallel skis.

Why is it called a wedge Christie?

Wedge Christie turns are characterized by the presence of a wedge in the initiation phase of the turn, and by the gradual steering of the skis (inside more than outside) to achieve a parallel skidded turn sometime during the shaping or early finish phase of the turn.

What is a Christiana turn?

: a turn in skiing begun by the stemming of one ski and completed by bringing the skis parallel into a christiania during the turn.

What is groomers terrain?

Groomers They have sharp, curved edges, a full camber (i.e. stiff) profile, and significant sidecut, meaning the tips and tails of the skis are wider than their center. You’ll be able to slice deeply into the snow for smooth, aggressive turns rather than simply turning by skidding on the surface of the snow.

What does Christie mean in English?

Christie or Christy (with various alternative spellings) is a given name, used in English for females. The name Christie originated from Italy in 1222, and derives from the Greek names Christos (a reference to Christ, literally ‘anointed one’) and Christiana (meaning ‘follower of Christ’).

What is a Christie turn in skiing?

A contraction of the word Christiania, describing a turn made with the skis parallel (a parallel christie), as distinct from a turn made with the skis partially in a stem or vee configuration (known as a stem Christie), or a turn made wholly with the skis stemmed (known as a stem turn, snowplow or wedge turn).

What is a stem Christie?

The stem christie or “wedge christie” is a technique used in skiing for turning. The turn comprises three steps: 1. Forming a wedge by rotating the tail of one ski outwards at an angle to the direction of movement, which initiates a change in direction opposite to the stemmed ski. 2. Bringing the other ski parallel to the wedged ski.

What is the origin of the term Christie?

History. The term, “christie”, derives from the turning technique employed by Norwegian jumpers in Christiania, Norway, which was called the “stem Christiania” and became shortened to “stem christie”.

What is a skier-day?

One skier or snowboarder participating one day at a ski area. The skier-day is the most common measure used by ski areas to measure the volume of their business. Skijoring.