What does cdnu mean?

What does cdnu mean?

The Control Display Navigation Unit (CDNU) is an Intel 80386 based processor, keyboard, and alphanumeric display system that controls the GPS receiver (3A or MAGR) and interfaces with the Digital Data Set (DDS) over a MIL-STD-1553B interface.

Where is the cdnu used in the military?

The CDNU is being utilized in numerous Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps applications. Although some platforms are integrating the CDNU as delivered from the manufacturer, most are adding CDNU software modules to control various devices aboard the platform.

What does the navigation display screen display?

The Navigation display screen displays the lateral navigation status of the aircraft. The latest navigation displays are also able to display the vertical flight profile. NDs are the evolutions of the EHSI (Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator) and implemented for the first time in the 90’s on A320 and B737 aircraft.