What does an area code tattoo mean?

What does an area code tattoo mean?

Area code tattoos are the bildungsroman of body art. Their near-manic local pride is not about signifying people’s journeys to the top; it’s about where the wearer began. They’re the mark of a striver who will never forget their roots.

What does a 7 and a 2 tattoo mean?

Report This. The tattoo on Hutch’s wrist, a Seven of Spades and a Two of Diamonds, is statistically the worst possible starting hand you can be dealt in Texas Hold ‘Em, since they are the lowest two cards that cannot make a straight (there are four cards between 2 and 7), and both of them are off-suit.

What does 72 mean in a tattoo?

So the interpretation of it is, imo, that if you see this tattoo you see a 7-2 in your hands, meaning that by meeting this person you just got dealt the worst possible hand by them. You are best off never meeting them. Follow this answer to receive notifications.

What was the wrist tattoo in nobody?

In Nobody, Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk) has a tattoo of the seven of spades and the two of diamonds on his wrist. 7-2 unsuited is the worst hand you can be dealt in a game of poker, just like Mansell was the worst thing that could happen to anybody he was assigned to deal with.

What’s the meaning of a spade tattoo?

The Death and Bad Luck Association While luck is in high demand, the ace of spades also symbolizes death, which is why it is commonly seen with the death-oriented symbols listed above. The number 13 is also a close associate, since in many games, the ace is worth either 1 or 13.

What does the tattoo IGYG mean?

I GOT YOUR SIX. I GOT YOUR BACK. IGY6 tattoos are an identifier, particularly for military veterans who have returned stateside after service and struggled to put the past behind them and re-acclimate to the world. The ink ties to the abbreviation for military protection terminology.

What does ig6y mean?

IGY6 stands for I Got Your Six (six o’clock, means back). The colors also carry a meaning. Teal is for PTSD awareness, black is for the heavy hearts that many of us carry, those who suffer from PTSD and those who have lost loved ones to suicide because of PTSD.

What does the tattoo 713 mean in the Mexican Mafia?

MEXICAN MAFIA (EME) “713” tattooed on the subject’s skull represents the Houston area code. The number 13 stands for “M”, thirteenth letter of the alphabet, for “Mexican Mafia”. Detroit Border Brief January 17th, 2008 MEXICAN MAFIA (EME) The dots around the number “13” are common among members of the Mexican Mafia.

What does a tiger tattoo mean in Rockingham County?

The tiger is a sign of power or strength. It is not specific to any particular gang, but tiger tattoos have been seen on Asian gang members. Pictures taken at the St-Armand POE Definitions by Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department

What is the meaning of the 88 tattoo on David Lane?

This is a reference to the 14 words in the quote by Nazi leader David Lane: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.” The 88 refers to the 8th letter of the alphabet twice, or HH, or “heil Hitler.” Typically, these tattoos can be found anywhere on the body.

What kind of tattoos do they get in Texas?

INDIAN WARRIOR This tattoo is found mostly on Native Americans that have served prison time. Texas, Arizona and Missouri state prisons are the predominant facilities where this tattoo is worn. It is used by several criminal street gangs.