What does a colorist do in comic books?

What does a colorist do in comic books?

In comics, a colorist is responsible for adding color to black-and-white line art. For most of the 20th century this was done using brushes and dyes which were then used as guides to produce the printing plates.

How do you become a comic colorist?

Professional comic book artists, including colorists, can benefit from study at an art training program. Having an understanding of how color has been used by artists from Rembrandt to Warhol will inform your work and give it greater depth and resonance.

How much do comic colorists make?

Colorist. These are the folks who give Spiderman his iconic blue and red look—adding in the color to the pen & ink designs on the page. These artists can earn anywhere between $20 and $121 per page, according to a 2016 survey by FairPageRates.com of 100 comic professionals.

What makes a good comic colorist?

Has a concept behind the chosen colors and palette. Brings something new to the comic that wasn’t there before. Builds on the tone and emotion of the page. Gives the reader context they wouldn’t otherwise have.

What is the role of a colorist?

A Colorist is responsible for designing the color scheme of a film in order to achieve a specific mood or visual style. Colorists work closely with a film’s director and director of photography to determine what color palette will best serve the story. Colorists are involved in the very final phases of post-production.

What does an inker do?

The inker (sometimes credited as the finisher or embellisher) is one of the two line artists in traditional comic book production. The penciller creates a drawing, the inker outlines, interprets, finalizes, retraces this drawing by using a pencil, pen or a brush.

What is a colorist in art?

In art, a colorist is one who is more concerned with color-play- who will exaggerate a color, or use an unexpected color rather than the color really there- I mean, name the color of far mountains and you’ll hear people say “blue” or “purple”.

What does a colorist do?

What is a flatter in comics?

A flatter is a coloring specialist within the comic book industry that prepares the inked or sketched comic book page for the colorist with digital art software such as Adobe Photoshop.

What do I need to become a colorist?

While you don’t have to have a degree to be a successful colorist, most have an artistic educational background. It’s easy to learn software, but a deep understanding of light and color requires more training. It’s not uncommon for colorists to have art degrees, film degrees, or no degree at all.

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