What do interlocutory mean?

What do interlocutory mean?

Definition of interlocutory : made during the progress of a legal action and not final or definitive an interlocutory appeal an interlocutory decree.

Is Interlocution a word?

in-tėr-lo-kū′shun, n. conference: an intermediate decree before final decision.

What is a Nomocracy?

Definition of nomocracy : government in accordance with a system of law.

What is a interlocutory order?

Interlocutory orders are orders that are issued by a court while a case is still ongoing, before the final resolution of the case. When the case is concluded, any aspect of an interlocutory order that has not become moot may be challenged in an appeal from the final judgment.

What is interlocutory nature?

1. of, having the nature of, or occurring in dialogue; conversational. 2. interjected. interlocutory wit.

What is interlocution in speech?

Definition of interlocution 1 : interchange of speech : conversation. 2 : an interruptive utterance : interruption, interpolation, parenthesis.

What does Expellant mean?

expellant. adjective. variants: or expellent \ ” \ Definition of expellant (Entry 2 of 2) : tending or serving to expel : expulsive.

How do you pronounce obloquy?

Break ‘obloquy’ down into sounds: [OB] + [LUH] + [KWEE] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

What is the definition of interlocution in English?

Define interlocution. interlocution synonyms, interlocution pronunciation, interlocution translation, English dictionary definition of interlocution. n. Speech between two or more persons; conversation.

What is the divine interlocution?

This may be held the error of the author which he himself has to confess when he comes to the Divine interlocution. Interlocution, in-tėr-lo-kū′shun, n. conference: an intermediate decree before final decision. But without further interlocution we proceed onward with our tale.

Are we now in a better position after our interlocutions?

‘Perhaps we are now in a better position, after our interlocutions with Douglas and Balthasar, to argue this more fully in closing.’ ‘A while later, after having had the opportunity to reflect on the interlocution, I came to realise how professionally it was done.’

Is Makinson reacting to the style of his interlocution?

‘For the last three days I have been listening to recordings of oral interlocutions of such a numbing homogeneity as to leave your correspondent jaded in the extreme.’ ‘David Makinson is reacting to the style of my interlocution, not its content.’