What did Waverly win from her mother?

What did Waverly win from her mother?

When Waverly “wins” the treats she wants by not crying or asking for the salted plums the next week, she demonstrates that she respects her mother and is willing to learn the lessons her mother teaches her. She also “wins” the respect of her mother, who silently rewards Waverly with the “forbidden candies” (p. 89).).

What does Waverly do to try to convince her mother to like Rich?

Finally, Waverly engineers a way for Rich to meet her mother. Waverly and Rich eat dinner at Auntie Suyuan and Uncle Canning’s house. In her thank-you card, Waverly writes that Rich thought it was the best Chinese food he had ever eaten. Shortly after, a dinner invitation comes from Waverly’s mother.

Why does Waverly take her mother to her apartment after lunch?

To allow her mother an opportunity to realize that Waverly and Rich are already living together, Waverly invites her mother back to her apartment. It is cluttered with her daughter Shoshana’s toys and Rich’s clothes and barbells.

What kind of winning strategy did Waverly learn to follow?

Waverly Jong, the narrator of this section, explains that she was six years old when her mother taught her “the art of invisible strength,” a strategy for winning arguments and gaining respect from others in games.

Why is Waverly upset with her mother?

The conflict between Waverly and her mother was very realistic due to the nature that many mothers and daughters have different views which causes disagreements. The people of Chinese descent have their Chinese heritage, but struggled to keep true to their traditions while living around American culture.

Why is Waverly nervous about telling her mother she plans to marry rich?

Why is Waverly nervous about telling her mother she plans to marry Rich? She never thinks anybody is good enough for anything. You just studied 9 terms!

Why does Ying Ying abort her first child?

Why does Ying-ying abort her first child? She aborts the child because she hates her husband, the child’s father.

What gift did rich give Waverly?

mink coat
Waverly shows her mom a mink coat that Rich bought her for Christmas – a really extravagant gift that Waverly seems really proud of. Her mother points out the coat’s flaws.

How old was Waverly when she first got married?

How old was Waverly when she first got married? Waverly eloped when she was 18. Why is Waverly nervous about telling her mother her plans to marry Rich? She is afraid her mother will criticize him and cause Waverly to doubt him.

How did Waverly’s mother treat her when she returned?

How did Waverly’s mother treat her when she returned home after running away? Her mother treated her as though she didn’t exist. What was Waverly’s mother’s view of “rules”? She believed that people from foreign countries must learn the American “rules.”

How did Waverly manipulate her mother in playing in chess tournaments?

Meimei, otherwise known as Waverly, tricks her mother into letting her play in a chess tournament by appealing to her mother’s sense of family honor as well as to her sense of competition.

Why did Waverly’s mother take rich to Auntie Su’s house?

She took Rich to Auntie Su’s ( Suyuan Woo ‘s) house for dinner, and then told Auntie Su that Rich said hers was the best Chinese food he had ever had. To show up Auntie Su, Waverly’s mother invited Waverly and Rich over for a family dinner. Rich did not understand the Chinese customs of politeness, and he unknowingly made a bad impression.

What does Waverly inherit from her mother in the Joy Luck Club?

The Joy Luck Club From her mother, Waverly inherits her “invisible strength”—her ability to conceal her thoughts and strategize. Although she applies these to chess as a child, she later turns them on her mother, Lindo, as well, imagining her struggles with her mother as a tournament.

What happened to Waverly Place’s mother?

She stopped playing altogether at fourteen. When Waverly and her first husband Marvin Chen eloped, Waverly’s mother picked him apart until Waverly too saw his flaws and lost interest. She almost aborted Shoshana because she resented being pregnant.

How does Waverly feel about her mother’s reaction to rich’s relationship?

She has a wonderfully busy life with Rich and her four-year-old daughter, Shoshana. Despite Waverly’s best efforts to get her mother’s approval, she does not even acknowledge that Waverly and Rich have moved in together. This makes Waverly feel terrible in a familiar way. She recalls the first time her mother made her feel so.