What County is ZIP code 35121?

What County is ZIP code 35121?

Blount County
ZIP Code 35121

Post Office City: Oneonta, AL (View All Cities)
County: Blount County
Timezone: Central (12:59am)
Area code: 205 (Area Code Map)
Coordinates: 34.0, -86.5 ZIP (~10 mile radius)

What is Oneonta zip code?

13820Oneonta / Zip code

What area code is Oneonta?

431432433436643Oneonta / Area code (607 Exchanges)

What is the area code for Plattsburgh NY?

Area code 518Plattsburgh / Area codeArea codes 518 and 838 are telephone area codes serving the northeasternmost part of Upstate New York in the United States. 518 was established as one of the original area codes during 1947. Area code 838 was added as an overlay during 2017. The two area codes cover 24 counties and 1,200 ZIP Codes. Wikipedia

What county is Oneonta New York in?

Otsego CountyOneonta / County
Oneonta, city, Otsego county, east-central New York, U.S. It lies in the Catskill foothills, on the Susquehanna River, within the town (township) of Oneonta, some 80 miles (129 km) southwest of Albany. Dewar Union, Hartwick College, Oneonta, New York.

Is Oneonta considered upstate New York?

Oneonta (/ˌoʊniˈɒntə/ OH-nee-ON-tə) is a city in southern Otsego County, New York, United States. It is one of the northernmost cities of the Appalachian Region. According to the 2020 U.S. Census, Oneonta had a population of 13,079….Oneonta, New York.

FIPS code 36-54881
Website Official website

Is Oneonta an Indian name?

Oneonta Origin and Meaning The name Oneonta is a girl’s name of Native American origin. This town in central New York might make a rhythmic first name.

What is the area code in Ithaca NY?

Area code 607Ithaca / Area codeNorth American area code 607 is a state of New York telephone area code servicing parts of its Southern Tier. It was created in 1954 by combining the southern portion of 315 and the eastern portion of 716. Wikipedia