What Colour tie backs for curtains?

What Colour tie backs for curtains?

Since tie backs are located on either side of a window, they tend to capture the eye, especially if they stand out from the wall color. If you prefer a more blended look, choose a curtain tie back color close to that of your wall. The color of the tiebacks should complement the curtains rather than look mismatched.

Should you use tie backs with curtains?

Some curtain styles (like rod pocket curtains) hang tightly on your curtain rod, making them hard to move. If you open and close your curtains regularly, using curtain tiebacks allows you to adjust them easily. Tiebacks prevent your curtains from tattering and reduce wear and tear on your curtain rod over time.

Should eyelet curtains be tied back?

Eyelet curtains don’t need to be tied back because of how they drape, but you can install wall-mounted tie backs if you want to. From the top of the window frame, measure two-thirds down. Ropes or ribbon can be used to tie the curtains back.

What are the things that hold back curtains?

A curtain knob consists of a decorative metal or wooden knob projecting directly out from the wall next to the curtain. The width of the knob serves to hold the curtain from spilling back into the window.

Can you use tiebacks with grommet curtains?

Curtain tie backs attach to the backside of curtains at their top corners with metal grommets. Tie backs are a great way to keep curtains from blowing around when open, and to provide an easy way for tying back the curtains when they need to be closed.

Where do curtain tie backs go on the wall?

Where to put curtain tie backs. The rule of thumb here, as with hold backs, is to position curtain tie backs a third of the way up from where the curtain ends. So, you would take the full curtain drop length, divide by three and position one third of the way up from the bottom.

Can you tie back grommet curtains?

Tie back grommets will need to be centered along the line you drew and spaced evenly from one another (usually about one inch). If you are using hooks, simply mark points on either side of drawn line and hammer in place.

What do you call the hooks that hold back curtains?

TEJATAN – Curtain Holdbacks Pair for Draperies (tiebacks Hook or Drapery holdbacks or Drapery Holder or Curtains Holders or Drape holdbacks or Drape Holder for Wall) (Set of 4 (2 Pairs) – Black) 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,082. $14.

How do you make tie backs for curtains?

Wooden Beads on a Rope. Start with a rope and add some wooden beads.

  • Rose Vines. This curtain tieback look like a sweet vine of roses.
  • Fabric Bow.
  • Star Tieback.
  • Silver Ropes.
  • Knotted Rope.
  • Simple Bow.
  • Decorative Ribbon.
  • Shell Tassel.
  • Cord Covers.
  • How to make professional tie backs for curtains?


  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Interfacing
  • Clothes iron
  • Pins
  • Tweezers
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • How do you attach curtain tie backs?

    How do you attach curtain tie backs to fabric? Hook one end of the fabric or rope tieback to the hook on the right side. Gather the right curtain panel gently in front of the tieback, pulling the free end of the tieback behind and around the panel. Attach the free end of the tieback to the hook. Repeat for the other side.

    Where should I position my curtain tie backs?

    Measure from the bottom of your curtains to the rod they are hanging on. Divide this number by three.

  • Determine what look you want for your window treatments.
  • Remove your drapes,with the rod,from the window and set them aside.
  • Mark the location for your metal tie back based on the one-third or two-third rule on the wall.