What color is a 6 ohm resistor?

What color is a 6 ohm resistor?

Resistor Band Colors

Color Value
Orange 3
Yellow 4
Green 5
Blue 6

What is the 3rd color ring on a 6.8 K ohm resistor?

Value First Color Third Color
56* Green 5.6 k
62 Blue 6.2 k
68* Blue 6.8 k
75 Violet 7.5 k

What color code is 10k ohms?

The color code of the 10k ohm resistor with 5 band is brown – black – black – red – [Tolerance].

What is a 6K8 resistor?

6K8 Resistor color code / 6.800 Ω (Ohms) Six thousand eight hundred ohms.

What color is a 4700 ohm resistor?

For example, a resistor with bands of yellow, violet, red, and gold will have first digit 4 (yellow in table below), second digit 7 (violet), followed by 2 (red) zeros: 4,700 ohms. Gold signifies that the tolerance is ±5%, so the real resistance could lie anywhere between 4,465 and 4,935 ohms.

What color is a 250 ohm resistor?

250 = Red-Green-Brown.

How to read resistor color codes?

How to Read Resistor Colour Code? To read them, hold the resistor such that the tolerance band is on your right. The tolerance band is usually gold or silver in colour and is placed a little further away from the other bands. Starting from your left, note down all the colours of the bands and write them down in sequence.

What is a resistor color code?

Color-coding is a method used to indicate the resistive value, tolerance, and temperature coefficient of resistors with low wattage rating because of their small size. Color bands are used because they can be easily and cheaply printed on a small electronic component.

How to read SMD resistor code?

SMD resistor coding schemes. Many SMD resistors do not have any markings on them to indicate their value.

  • 3 figure SMD resistor code system. A three figure SMT resistor coding system is the one that is normally used for standard tolerance resistors.
  • 4 figure SMD resistor code system.
  • EIA96 SMD resistor code system.
  • What is the resistance of a resistor?

    V = R.I. Here R is the constant of proportionality and is known as the resistance of the resistor. Function of Resistors in Electronics. In electronic circuits, resistors play an important role to limit the current and provide only the required biasing to the vital active parts like the transistors and the ICs.