What class of train is the Hogwarts Express?

What class of train is the Hogwarts Express?

5972 Olton Hall is a preserved Great Western Railway Hall class locomotive.

What is a pannier locomotive?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The GWR 0-6-0PT (Pannier Tank), is a type of steam locomotive built by the British Great Western Railway with the water tanks carried on both sides of the boiler, in the manner of panniers.

What locomotive was used in Harry Potter?

More latterly, 5972 Olton Hall has gained fame as the locomotive used in the Harry Potter film series.

Why is 5972 on Hogwarts Express?

The movie-makers most likely chose it because it was a steam locomotive which fit well with the whole Hogwarts theme as well as the fact that the Wizarding population is so out of touch with the modern Muggle world, even their transportation options are bit outdated.

Is the Jacobite train the Harry Potter train?

The Jacobite Steam Train / Hogwarts Express It is also known as the ‘Jacobean Train’ and the ‘Harry Potter Steam Train’. It covers part of the West Highland line in Scotland and is a huge hit with tourists, effortlessly combining legendary Scottish folklore, luxury travel and beautiful scenery.

Do all students get the Hogwarts Express?

The school train is traditionally reserved only for students. Only four adults were ever seen travelling on the train: the Honeydukes Express lady, the conductor, Remus Lupin and Horace Slughorn.

What is a saddle tank?

Definition of saddle tank : a water tank straddling the boiler of a locomotive (as a small switch engine) and designed to increase the weight on the drivers.

What class is a 4900 Class locomotive?

The Great Western Railway 4900 Class or Hall Class is a class of 4-6-0 mixed traffic steam locomotives designed by Charles Collett for the Great Western Railway. A total of 259 were built at Swindon Works, numbered 4900–4999, 5900–5999 and 6900–6958.

When was the GWR 4900 Class 5972 Olton Hall built?

GWR 4900 Class 5972 Olton Hall is a 4-6-0 Hall Class steam locomotive built by the Great Western Railway at Swindon Works in 1937. Olton Hall was completed in April 1937 and initially based at Neath, South Wales, subsequently being re-allocated to many parts of the former Great Western system, notably Cornwall and the West Midlands.

What ever happened to the GWR 4300 Class?

By the end of 1923 the Great Western Railway (GWR) was well served with express passenger locomotives of the Saint and Star classes and had recently introduced the Castle Class. However the mixed traffic 2-6-0 locomotives of the 4300 Class were beginning to struggle with the increasing loads.

Where was the GWR 5972 built?

Built in April 1937 at Swindon Works for the Great Western Railway (GWR), 5972 was first allocated to Carmarthen, South Wales where it remained until 1951. After being fitted with a three row superheater at Swindon Works, it was allocated to Plymouth Laira.