What can you do with a Bachelor of international studies?

What can you do with a Bachelor of international studies?

Potential careers

  • International business consultant.
  • Government agencies, including Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
  • United Nations.
  • Non-governmental organisations.
  • Journalist.
  • Tourism and trade adviser.

Is International Studies a Bachelor of Arts?

The Department of International Studies offers two degrees: the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.). The two degree options begin the same way, making it easy to adjust your path as your interests develop. The B.S. degree is the more quantitatively oriented option.

What is Bachelor of Arts major in foreign studies?

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (BAIS) is a four-year undergraduate program which aims to produce competent future leaders in understanding global affairs. It is designed to develop students with the right analytical tools for different social, political, and economic issues among states.

What field of study is international studies?

What Is an International Studies Major? An international studies major examines the connections between international and regional issues. Students can concentrate on a language and an area of the world while learning how to analyze complex global affairs.

What does a degree in international studies mean?

An international studies degree draws from subjects like history, politics, religion, geography, economics, as well as foreign languages. This gives you a comprehensive understanding of diverse nations, cultures, and the challenges they face. You’ll become proficient in at least one foreign language.

What is BA in foreign language?

BA Language is a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign languages provided by the universities in which students learn languages of different countries. Many languages are covered in this course example- BA in English, BA in French, etc. Many universities are providing these courses on their campus.

What does a degree in International Studies mean?