What can I disguise my turkey as?

What can I disguise my turkey as?

55 Clever Turkey Disguises

  1. Popcorn. Who would ever think that a turkey is hiding in their popcorn?
  2. Flamingo. Turn one bird into another when you disguise your turkey as a flamingo!
  3. Elsa. Because everyone knows that you can’t cook a Frozen turkey!
  4. Minion.
  5. Christmas Tree.
  6. Cow.
  7. Ninja.
  8. Peacock.

How do you decorate a turkey?

Distribute the colorful fruits evenly around the turkey. Add more fruits and herbs wherever they are needed. Remove any that look superfluous. Sprinkle some parsley leaves on the top of the bird for extra decoration.

What book goes with turkey disguise?

Turkey Trouble
I also found a fun turkey book to help introduce the turkey disguise project Turkey Trouble written by Wendi Silvano . This clever turkey comes up with his own unique idea to disguise himself and avoid being Thanksgiving dinner.

What is the story Turkey Trouble about?

Parents need to know that Turkey Trouble is a funny look at a turkey who puts on numerous barnyard disguises to avoid ending up as the Thanksgiving table’s centerpiece. It’s a silly take on a quick-thinking turkey’s quest for self-preservation with no farm-to-table realities depicted.

How do you dress up Tom the Turkey for Thanksgiving?

Tom turkey needs to go undercover so that he won’t get eaten for Thanksgiving. You can dress him up as anything you like, use all sorts of supplies, and most importantly, get creative. It goes great with the children’s book Turkey Trouble, who also dresses up to save himself from being Thanksgiving dinner.

Are there any Tom the Turkey free printables?

Here is the Tom the Turkey Free Printables (template and instructions) so you can get started right away. Also, today I wanted to share with you ideas to get your kid’s imaginations flowing.

What supplies do you need for Turkey in disguise project?

Supplies ideas for Turkey In Disguise Project 1 Googly Eyes 2 Cotton Balls 3 Q-tips 4 Pasta; spaghetti, corkscrew, elbow, penne, etc 5 Rice 6 Beans 7 Sprinkles 8 Tissue Paper 9 Denim 10 Foam Stickers

How can I make a camouflage Turkey?

Using both green and brown leaves with red pom poms creates a unique camouflaged turkey! How sweet is this? Aluminum foil plus a little puff paint! You could even glue on real sprinkles if you wanted!