What are the main genres of drama?

What are the main genres of drama?

There are four main forms of drama. They are comedy, tragedy, tragicomedy and melodrama. All these types have the common characteristics of drama genre; they are, plot, characters, conflict, music and dailogue. Comedy is a type of drama that aims to make the audience laugh.

What are the 3 drama elements?

Elements of Drama: The elements of drama can be categorized into three major areas: literary elements, technical elements, and performance elements.

What are the three types of drama from the English Renaissance?

Playwrights worked in both the classic types of drama, tragedy and comedy. They also began their own type of history play, mainly about earlier English kings and the events of their reigns. Shakespeare’s Richard III and Marlowe’s Edward II are two examples of this type of English history play.

What are the 7 genres of drama?

7 Different Types of Drama in Literature!

  • Drama Type – Comedy.
  • Farce.
  • Drama Type – Tragedy.
  • Tragi-Comedy.
  • Drama Type – Melodrama.
  • Opera.
  • Drama Type – Musical.

What is drama as a genre of literature?

Drama meaning: A drama is a type of literature that is written for the purpose of being performed in front of an audience. This type of writing is written in the form of a script, and the story is told through the lines of the characters played by actors.

What are the two types of drama?

There are four major types of drama: comedy, tragedy, tragicomedy, and melodrama. These types originated at different times, but each of them has its characteristics.

What are the two main genres of Theatre?

theatre in education (TiE)

  • physical theatre.
  • Epic theatre.
  • political theatre.
  • comedy.
  • tragedy.
  • melodrama.
  • commedia dell’arte.
  • What are the three types of drama in ancient Greece?

    The Greeks wrote and produced three kinds of plays: comedies, tragedies, and satyr stories. Of these, the comedies and tragedies were the most important and have had the most influence on later theatre.

    What are the three genres of drama?

    Romance. These stories are about a romantic relationship between two people.

  • Action Adventure.
  • Science Fiction.
  • Fantasy.
  • Speculative Fiction.
  • Suspense/Thriller.
  • Young Adult.
  • New Adult.
  • What are the four types of drama?


  • Task
  • Surprise
  • Mystery
  • What are the types of drama?

    There are no big arenas of extras. No rousing finishes flourishing with fireworks. Broken bones and gashes were fetishized. The personal relationships between main characters and their loved ones were in worse shape than the athletes’ bodies. Lots of terse conversations and pensive gazes.

    What are the types of Drama in literature?

    Comedy. Image: pexels.com Comedy is a type of drama that aims to make the audience laugh.

  • Tragedy. Image: pexels.com Tragedy is a type of drama in which the protagonist or hero is brought down by his/her flaws.
  • Tragicomedy. Image: pexels.com Tragicomedy is a special kind of drama that combines the features of tragedy and comedy.
  • Melodrama.