What are the documents handled by a receptionist?

What are the documents handled by a receptionist?

Documents Handled by a Receptionist

  • Visitor’s Book.
  • Telephone Message Pad.
  • Request Form.
  • Business Card.
  • Telephone Directory.
  • Diary.
  • Mail register.
  • Visitors register or appointment list.

How much should receptionist get paid?

As of May 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that the average receptionist salary is $29,640 annually, or $14.25 hourly. The lowest-paid 10 percent of receptionists make under $20,080 annually, or $9.65 hourly.

What are the strengths of a receptionist?

As you make your hiring criteria more specific, be sure you include the following six traits as you look to fill the job of a receptionist:

  • Effective communication.
  • Professionalism.
  • Interpersonal aplomb.
  • Multitasking capabilities.
  • Organizational abilities.
  • Technical prowess.

Is administrative assistant a good job?

Working as an administrative assistant is an excellent choice for people who’d prefer to enter the workforce rather than continue study after high school. The broad range of responsibilities and industry sectors employing administrative assistants ensure that this position can be an interesting and challenging one.

How long does it take to get an administrative assistant certificate?

Medical Administrative Assistant Most associate degrees require about 60 credits of coursework, which can be completed in two years of full-time study. Some online administrative assistant associate programs offer accelerated options that reduce the time to completion.

How do I become a receptionist with no experience?

The primary qualifications for becoming a receptionist with no experience are a high school diploma and some familiarity with an office environment. Employers prefer a college degree or experience as an intern.

What do employers look for in a receptionist?

Good communication skills are the baseline for being a good receptionist. What employers are really looking for is someone who can be empathetic and understanding, and can build a rapport with co-workers and visitors. Receptionists should be able to assist and direct all visitors while maintaining a friendly rapport.

What is exciting about being a receptionist?

Receptionists are often talented multitaskers, able to manage multiple ongoing situations without breaking a sweat. In many companies, individuals are hired for their great computer skills, their ability to speak to people, or their organisational skills. Receptionists often boast all of these skills and more.

How hard is it to be an administrative assistant?

Administrative assistant positions are found in almost every industry. Some might believe that being an administrative assistant is easy. That’s not the case, administrative assistants work extremely hard. They are educated individuals, who have charming personalities, and can pretty much do anything.

How do you write a cover letter for a receptionist?

Dear Mr. Lee: I am writing to express my interest in the receptionist job opening at ABC company. I believe my years of work experience as a receptionist, as well as my communication and technological skills, make me an ideal fit for the position.

Is receptionist a dead end job?

Receptionist work is a dead end work. It’s not a career unless you’re exceptionally talented (skilled in hospitality, business etiquette, and to a degree, office supply management) and work as the receptionist on the same floor the CEO works on.

How do I get experience as an administrative assistant?

Gain experience You can volunteer for an organization in the community. Office internships can provide the opportunity to learn the tasks of an administrative assistant and what to expect in an interview. An internship can help you develop your communication skills and master the duties you will perform when hired.

What career can I get in 6 months?

6-Month Certificate Programs That Pay Well

  • Real Estate Agent. Selling real estate has limitless potential, and you can get started quickly.
  • Commercial Truck Driver. Becoming a truck driver isn’t as long a road as you might think.
  • Phlebotomy Tech.
  • HVAC Tech.
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • Personal Trainer.
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Is receptionist a female job?

Only women can be receptionists. And only men can be cops, airline pilots, truck drivers, doctors, lawyers, and business executives.

Are administrative assistants becoming obsolete?

According to federal data, 1.6 million secretarial and administrative assistants’ jobs have been eliminated.

Can a receptionist work from home?

Work from home receptionists provide administrative support to their employers. This is a home-based position, so your job duties are completed remotely, outside of the office, though some employers may ask you to come into the office occasionally for meetings.

What is the average pay for an administrative assistant?

The average salary for a administration assistant is $61,968 per year in Australia.

Is receptionist a stressful job?

Is being a receptionist a stressful job? Receptionists may work in fast-paced work environments or have a high level of administrative responsibility. They may feel stress from having to manage high call volume and administrative requests from staff.

What is the next step after receptionist?

Detailed Ranking of the Most Common Jobs of Former Receptionists

Job Title Rank %
Administrative Assistant 1 5.09%
Customer Service Representative 2 4.43%
Sales Associate 3 3.35%
Cashier 4 2.49%

Is being a receptionist fun?

Why Being a Receptionist is a Fun Job Receptionists know there’s a lot more to their jobs than just answering phones, greeting visitors and perhaps doing a little data entry. Learn why the job can also be a fun one. As a receptionist, you’re the first point of contact in a company, so it’s a role not to take lightly.

What’s next after administrative assistant?

They’re pretty much exactly what you’d expect a lot of former administrative assistants to do….Detailed Ranking of the Most Common Jobs of Former Administrative Assistants.

Job Title Rank %
Customer Service Representative 1 3.01%
Office Manager 2 2.61%
Executive Assistant 3 1.87%
Sales Associate 4 1.46%