What are the disadvantages of accreditation?

What are the disadvantages of accreditation?

Those drawbacks include a loss of responsible independence for both accreditation and the higher education institutions that are accredited. This independence has been essential to the growth and development of U.S. higher education as an outstanding enterprise both when it comes to quality and to access.

What is the easiest online engineering degree?

Easiest Engineering Degrees

  • Industrial Engineering.
  • General Engineering.
  • Computer Engineering.
  • Environmental Engineering.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Biomedical Engineering.
  • Electrical Engineering.

Is Kaplan nationally accredited?

Kaplan, who founded Kaplan Test Prep. It was regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, one of the seven major accrediting bodies in the U.S., but the degrees in certain programs did not have the field-specific accreditation needed for graduates to obtain certification.

Is UEI College an accredited school?

United Education Institute in Las Vegas and Stone Mountain and UEI Colleges in Bakersfield, Gardena, Fresno, Riverside, Sacramento, and Tacoma are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

What is the benefit of accreditation?

What are the Benefits of Accreditation? provides formal recognition by peers, both within the institution and across the country. encourages planning, identifies areas for change, and provides substantial information that can be used to support resource decisions.

What are the challenges of accreditation?


  • Quality improvement has unknown effectiveness.
  • Quality assurance is a misnomer.
  • Quality assurance discourages improvements to quality.
  • Assurance and improvement of quality have conflicting philosophies.
  • Practice accreditation is costly.

Are online engineering degrees respected?

Online engineering degrees — much like most disciplines where a candidate has received their degree online — are respected by employers. In a CareerBuilder.com survey, a whopping 83 percent of employers feel that online degrees offer a quality education on par with a more traditional, campus-based experience.

Is Kaplan Singapore accredited?

Murdoch University and Kaplan in Singapore are proud to receive this accreditation. This is a further testament to the quality of the programmes to which both the institutions have conferred over 10,000 graduates in Singapore since the inception of the partnership in 2006.

Is a UEI credible?

UEI Colleges in Huntington Park, Anaheim, Chula Vista, West Covina, Encino, Ontario, San Marcos, Stockton, Phoenix, and Morrow are accredited by Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET).

Are UEI College credits transferable?

The transferability of credits you earn at UEI College is at the complete discretion of an institution to which you may seek to transfer. Acceptance of the diploma or degree you earn at UEI College is also at the complete discretion of the institution to which you may seek to transfer.

What is ACCET accreditation?

Founded in 1974, the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET) has been continuously recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a reliable authority on educational quality since 1978.

What are the ACCET workshops for?

The workshops are designed to provide an in-depth study of the ACCET accreditation process in order to assist the institution in the preparation of the ASER, the on-site evaluation and the actions of the Commission.

What is accredited accreditation?

Accreditation serves the interests of companies, agencies, and the public through the establishment of standards, policies, and procedures in conjunction with an objective third-party professional evaluation designed to identify and inspire sound education and training practices.

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