What are the best Malibu rum drinks?

What are the best Malibu rum drinks?

These Malibu rum drinks taste just like the beach and are perfect for sipping when it gets warm. 1. The Blue Ivy The Blue Ivy is one of my favorite Malibu rum drinks, not only for its stunning color, but also for the 2.5 oz of Malibu rum in it. You can be sipping on this beautiful cocktail in less than 10 minutes.

Can you make Malibu cocktails year-round?

Luckily, though, you can whip them up whether you’re sitting by the beach in Cali or riding on a boat in the middle of Alaska (though they might be a bit out of season there). Still, these Malibu cocktails are so good that people will undoubtedly understand if you decide to make them year-round, even in the coldest locations. 1. Malibu Sunset

What is Malibu?

Malibu isn’t only is it a city in California, but it’s also a brand of rum. Although the winter seems never-ending with the constant fluctuating temperature and the snow, summer is indeed right around the corner.

Can you mix Malibu and Absolut?

While this is another drink that mixes Malibu and Absolut with one another, it’s definitely worth trying if you’re looking for something that’s on the stronger side. 11. Swirl & Lemon-lime Soda This cocktail is more of a soda and not so much of an actual alcoholic drink.

How do you make a Malibu drink?

Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add malibu rum and coconut cream. Shake and strain into a hurricane glass filled with crushed ice. Top up with pineapple juice. Garnish with a piece of pineapple and a maraschino berry. Fill a highball glass with ice cubes.

What are the ingredients in a Malibu colada?

lime juice, ice, rum, simple syrup, sanding sugar, liquor, Malibu Rum and 1 more Malibu Strawberry ColadaBuzzFeed strawberries, unsweetened coconut cream, pineapple juice, Malibu Rum and 1 more

Can you make Malibu with cranberry juice?

You’ll make it with Malibu rum, vodka, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice, and despite its light, delicate color, it’s a relatively strong drink. If you’re looking for something a bit sweeter, use sweetened cranberry juice. However, if you prefer a tart, slightly bitter flavor, use pure cranberry juice instead.