What are the best fingerboard companies?

What are the best fingerboard companies?

The Best Fingerboards & Fingerboard Brands

  • P-Rep Fingerboards.
  • Teak Tuning Fingerboards.
  • Noahwood Fingerboards.
  • Skull Fingerboards.
  • Solider Bar Fingerboards.

Who is the owner of Blackriver?

After coming back from a trip to the US in 1998 with his first plastic fingerboard, Blackriver founder Martin Ehrenberger quickly realized that almost every skateboarding trick can be replicated 1:1 with a fingerboard.

What are Blackriver fingerboards made of?

Blackriver Fingerboard Mini Logo The variety of Blackriver Mini Logo boards grows. Made with 5 plies of wood they’re available from now on in all different shapes: 29mm classic, 32mm classic and low & 33.33mm classic and low. Further, they all come with color selection.

Who invented fingerboards?

skateboarder Lance Mountain
Professional skateboarder Lance Mountain is widely credited for the first fingerboard. In the 1985, Powell-Peralta skateboarding video titled “Future Primitive,” Mountain brought fingerboarding to the skateboarders of the world in the mid-1980s.

What’s the best fingerboard size?

32mm is now the standard, but there was a time when riding a 32mm seemed way too wide to ride! The standard 32mm complete setup is just the right width. Since it’s been around for a while, there are plenty of additional options designed specifically for 32mm setups.

What was the first fingerboard company?

In the late 1990s, Spin Master, a Canadian toy company, launched Tech Deck, a label that would explore skate brand logos’ marketing potential in small skateboards. Tech Deck quickly became a synonym for fingerboards and fingerboarding. In the late 1990s, one brand sold over 20 million finger skateboards.

What size trucks are tech decks?

Which trucks fit on which deck? At the moment you can choose between 32mm and 34mm trucks, which one is best for your setup depends on the width of your deck.

Are there any fingerboard parks in Blackriver?

From our small plaza fingerboard parks to the latest generation of blackriver parks – we offer a wide array of different parks and ramps for the fingerboard enthusiast. It’s now up to you to choose your park, whether it will be the Big Mini, a Blackriver Playground or a full size park.

What is a Blackriver Park?

All Blackriver parks are handmade in Germany. Our parks are used mainly at our fingerboard events, but they can also be used in private homes by fingerboard enthusiasts, or in skate shops as an interactive element for customers. In schools, youth clubs and skate halls they offer a place for social exchange and togetherness.

Why choose Blackriver fingerboard wheels?

It’s combinable within itself as well as with other obstacles and therefore creates the lego set of fingerboarding you never knew you wanted. The new palettes are also individually available. Blackriver started to design and produce professional fingerboard bearing wheels in 2010.

Who is Blackriver?

Blackriver started to design and produce professional fingerboard bearing wheels in 2010. Ever since we want to provide high performance fingerboard wheels and make passionate fingerboarders happy. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.