What are the best 9 to 5 jobs?

What are the best 9 to 5 jobs?

9 jobs with top work-life balance

  • UX Designer: $95,000.
  • Data scientist: $112,000.
  • Strategy manager: $110,487.
  • UI Designer: $84,500.
  • Recruiting coordinator: $48,000.
  • Technical account manager: $75,000.
  • Mobile developer: $101,318. Getty Images/iStockphoto.
  • DevOps engineer: $110,000. Getty Images/iStockphoto.

What are typical 9 to 5 jobs?

Here are a few examples of 9 to 5 jobs:

  • Accountant.
  • Secretary.
  • Office worker.
  • Factory hand.
  • Receptionist.
  • Computer programmer.
  • Copywriter.
  • Insurance processor.

What can I do instead of working 9 5?

10 Job Alternatives to Working 9 To 5

  • Virtual assistant.
  • Freelance writer.
  • Personal trainer.
  • Tutor.
  • Freelance designer.
  • Makeup artist.
  • Freelance photographer.
  • Truck driver.

Do 9 5 jobs still exist?

9-to-5 Jobs Are Outdated In many industries, though, those days are gone for good.

Is HR stressful?

Yes, it can get pretty stressful. With tight deadlines, long work hours, and a high work volume, HR can be an exhausting profession to work in. Furthermore, having to deal with challenging employees and coming up with strategies around the clock to satisfy both the management and employees can be challenging.

Is working a 9 to 5 worth it?

Yes, working 9 to 5 every day might empower one employee for success. But a traditional schedule could also quench another person’s ability to tap into other skills, like creativity, innovation, or teamwork.

How many hours is a 9-5 work week?

Most 9-5 weekday jobs are 37.5 hours – ie 40hrs minus a half hour break each day.

How many hours is a 9-5 job?

The traditional American business hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, representing a workweek of five eight-hour days comprising 40 hours in total. These are the origin of the phrase 9-to-5, used to describe a conventional and possibly tedious job.

How can I make money outside of 9-5?

101 Ways to Make Money Without a 9-to-5

  1. Take Online Surveys. Taking online surveys is one of the easiest ways to earn extra money.
  2. Test Websites.
  3. Participate in Mock Trials.
  4. Get Paid to Search.
  5. Install Software.
  6. Become a Beta.
  7. Participate in Clinical Trials.
  8. Enter Contests.

Why you should quit your 9-5?

The uncertainty of your path in your passion can cause issues and passions can change over night etc. There are so many factors that need to be considered before changing over from your comfortable defensive 9-5 life – into this offensive chase your dreams, take risks extremely time consuming life.

Is working a waste of life?

Stress and overworking are wasting your precious life. When you work too many hours, you miss your family. When you overwork, you miss out on your hobbies and seeing friends. When you overwork, you don’t allow your mind blank space to do nothing and revitalize.

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