What are some pep rally ideas?

What are some pep rally ideas?

Pep Rally Theme Ideas Back to School, Last Day of School, Homecoming/School Pride, Seasons (winter, fall, spring), Game Show, a Talk Show, Throwback/Vintage, Holiday themes – Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas & Easter, State Test, Upperclassmen vs Underclassmen Competitions, Teachers vs Students etc.

What pep rally means?

Definition of pep rally : an event before a school sports event that is meant to get students and fans excited and to encourage the team to win also : a similar event in which speakers try to get a group of people excited and enthusiastic about something The mayor gave an inspiring speech at the party’s pep rally.

How can I increase my school spirit in college?

10 Fun Ways to Increase School Spirit

  1. Spirit Fridays.
  2. Themed Spirit Weeks.
  3. Door Decorating Contests.
  4. School Movie Night.
  5. T-Shirt Decorating Contest.
  6. School Spirit Swag.
  7. Talent Show.
  8. Celebrate School’s Birthday.

How do I start a pep club?

How to Start a Pep Club

  1. Create a name.
  2. Write a mission statement.
  3. Talk to the school administration.
  4. Find a program/club advisor or sponsor.
  5. Set common goals between the spirit program and the Pep Club.
  6. Recruit members.
  7. Order matching t shirts.

How do you make a good pep rally?

Picture Perfect Contest- Add a contest to your pep rally to get all students involved. Divide the crowd into sections and give each a collection of tiles that form a whole picture. The first section to put the puzzle together is the winner. King and Queen of the Teachers- Let the teachers share in the spotlight.

What is a pep rally for high school students?

Fine Arts Pep Rally-Similar to the pep rally for academic champs, a fine arts pep rally can be an awesome space for the talents of your artistic students to shine. Set up winning art pieces, include performances from orchestra students and show clips from budding videographers.

What are some good ideas for a school rally?

This is an excellent chance to celebrate all your school accomplishments, from chess to wrestling, from academic achievements to musical awards. One great idea to get everyone on the same page is to give the rally a theme and have all the skits & entertainment revolve around the theme.

What colors do you blow up at a pep rally?

Themes and Decorations Color Explosion – For an exciting end to a pep rally, blow up balloons in colors that are a unique twist on classic school colors (e.g., if your colors are green and gold, take the neon versions of those and add a black light).