What are some extinct words?

What are some extinct words?

10 Extinct Words to Broaden Your Family’s Vocabulary

  • scathefire – n – great destructive fire.
  • welmish – adj – of a pale or sickly colour.
  • brochity – n – crookedness of teeth.
  • snollygoster – n – a shrewd, unprincipled person, especially a politician.
  • woundikins – int – mild profanity.

What is the word for making something extinct?

Extinct has its roots in the Latin word extinguere – extinguish whereas exterminate has roots in ex-terminus meaning “to put outside of the boundary” – James Webster. May 9, 2019 at 9:54. 1. To kill someone or something (exterminate) does not mean the same as to die out (to be extinct).

Why do words become extinct?

In the modern period, languages have typically become extinct as a result of the process of cultural assimilation leading to language shift, and the gradual abandonment of a native language in favour of a foreign lingua franca, largely those of European countries.

Why do words go extinct?

Many times words seem to go extinct without rhyme or reason. However, sometimes there does seem to be a cause. For example, many people simply think that whom’s usage rules are too difficult to master. Others think that, perhaps because their usage is declining, words like whom and coxcomb sound pretentious.

What is the verb of the word extinction?

extinguish. (transitive) to put out, as in fire; to end burning; to quench. (transitive) to destroy or abolish something.

What are three synonyms extinct?

Synonyms & Antonyms of extinct

  • bygone,
  • bypast,
  • dead,
  • defunct,
  • departed,
  • done,
  • expired,
  • gone,

What is considered a dying language?

Language loss occurs when the language has no more native speakers and becomes a “dead language”. If no one can speak the language at all, it becomes an “extinct language”. A dead language may still be studied through recordings or writings, but it is still dead or extinct unless there are fluent speakers.

Can words go extinct?

How do you use the word extinct?

Use “extinct” in a sentence | “extinct” sentence examples

  1. It is 250 years since the wolf became extinct in Britain.
  2. Dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years.
  3. Many animals and birds are now extinct.
  4. Many plants become extinct before they have even been catalogued.

Can extinct be a verb?

You’re right that extinct is an adjective. It can’t be used as a verb. There is no verb that means precisely to go extinct.