What are some different types of axes used in firefighting?

What are some different types of axes used in firefighting?

There are various types of firefighter axes; the two most used are the flat head fire axe and the pick head fire ax….

  • Flat Head Axe With Fiberglass Handle. 6 LB.
  • Flat Head Axe With Wood Handle. 6 LB.
  • Pick Head Axe With Fiberglass Handle. 6 LB.
  • Pick Head Axe With Wood Handle. 6 LB.

What are firefighter axes called?

The Pulaski was created in the years just following the 1910 Big Burn by U.S. Forest Service Ranger Ed Pulaski, and it continues to be used by wildland firefighters to this day. The tool is a combination of a fire axe and an adze (or hoe), allowing firefighters to chop or dig with the flip of a wrist.

Why is Fireman axe red?

The meaning of the thin red line is that as firefighters are put in peril, they place their lives second to those they protect. They are forced to face their own fears and grasp for every ounce of courage to perform the necessary task. This makes a perfect gift for any firefighter!

What is a fireman axe?

The Fireman’s Axe provides the chopping power of an American Felling axe on one edge and a heavy duty pick on the other. This axe design has been used by fire fighters across the world for over a century.

What are firefighter axes made of?

High-performance fiberglass. A handle made exclusively for the Firefighter Axe by NUPLA Corp., one of America’s top manufacturers of tool handles. The medium brown fiberglass haft was designed to look as much like a traditional wooden handle as possible.

What is a rabbit tool?

The Rabbit Tool is a handheld, manually operated hydraulic tool that exerts a tremendous amount of outward pressure that forces inward swinging doors. The tool consists of a set of jaws with opposing tips that are beveled for ease in placing them between the door and frame.

What are the different types of axe?

Nowadays, axes are used primarily as tools and form three main groups: Forest Axes, Splitting Axes and Log-building Axes. There are also some less common types of axe, such as the meat cleaver used in the kitchen, the ice pick used in mountain climbing and the fireman’s fire axe.

The fireman axe is a firefighter’s tool of choice often used in an emergency to break down doors and windows either in a fire or in the aftermath. It features a long handle as well as a double bit axe head. One one side, there’s a sharp blade for chopping, and on the other, a sharp pick-shaped point. It’s also sometimes called a Pulaski axe.

What is the best axe for splitting wood?

A felling axe or hatchet is one of the most useful axes out there and is probably what comes to mind when you think of axes. They are one of the best tools for chopping wood and splitting large logs. A hatchet is a type of felling axe, but a smaller version that’s a favorite for campers and survivalists.

What is a felling axe used for?

This axe is a common shape for felling axes, having originally risen to popularity in the 1860s. It has a curved head, which is ideal for chopping large trees and dense wood types.