What are examples of lexical ambiguity?

What are examples of lexical ambiguity?

This example has four different meanings:

  • My sister saw a bat (saw the past tense of see) (bat the bird)
  • My sister saw a bat (saw the past tense of see) (bat the wooden baseball bat)
  • My sister saw a bat (saw as cutting) (bat the bird)
  • My sister saw a bat (saw as cutting) (bat the wooden baseball bat)

What is lexical ambiguity?

Lexical ambiguity is the potential for multiple interpretations of spoken or written language that renders it difficult or impossible to understand without some additional information.

What is an example of ambiguous sentence?

An example of ambiguity in a sentence is the chicken is ready to eat. There are two meanings, the first one is that the chicken is already cooked and people are going to eat that chicken, the other meaning is a chicken is going to eat.

Is bank an ambiguous word?

Lexical ambiguity can occur when a word is polysemous, i.e. has more than one meaning, and the sentence in which it is contained can be interpreted differently depending on its correct sense. For example, the word bank has two meanings – either a financial institute or the land alongside the river.

What is structural ambiguity examples?

Here is a more obvious example of structural ambiguity: She observed the man with the binoculars. Was the woman looking at the man through binoculars, or was the man she was observing carrying the binoculars? It’s unclear because of the placement of the prepositional phrase with the binoculars.

What is lexical and structural ambiguity?

Ambiguity can be classified into two different categories named lexical and structural ambiguity. Lexical ambiguity occurs when a word has more than one possible meanings. Structural ambiguity is a situation where one sentence has more than one meaning due to its sentence structure.

What are examples of ambiguous words?

“They” and “here” are rather ambiguous words. Salinger is assuming the reader will understand “they” refers to the medical professionals in the rehab center and “here” refers to the center itself.

Which is the most ambiguous word of all?

Ambiguous – open to more than one interpretation

  • Ambivalent – having mixed feelings about something
  • Amiable – pleasant and friendly
  • What are some examples of ambiguous sentences?

    Lexical ambiguity. Words have multiple meanings.

  • Syntactic ambiguity. A sentence has multiple parse trees.
  • Semantic ambiguity.
  • Anaphoric ambiguity.
  • Non-literal speech.
  • Ellipsis.
  • Example 2.
  • Syntactic constraints.
  • What are the two types of ambiguity?

    – Lexical Ambiguity. Lexical ambiguity is the most commonly known form of ambiguity (Reilly 1991; Walton 1996). … – Syntactical Ambiguity. … – Inflective Ambiguity.