What are examples of future tense sentences?

What are examples of future tense sentences?

Examples – Future Tense

  • She’ll write the e-mail after lunch.
  • Don’t lift that. You’ll hurt yourself.
  • You dropped your purse.
  • I’ll see you tomorrow.
  • You’ll get the answer by post.
  • Dan’s going to take the order over to the customer.
  • The girls are going to sing ‘Amazing Grace’ now.
  • I’ll drive you to your lesson at 4 pm.

What is the future tense used for in Spanish?

The Spanish future tense can be used to make predictions, form hypotheses in the present, discuss unclear plans and make conditional statements. Despite generally being an easy tense to form, there are a few common errors that English natives often make when using this tense.

How do you write a sentence in the near future in Spanish?

The near future in Spanish is formed with the present tense forms of the verb ir (to go) + the preposition a followed by the infinitive of the main verb. It is a verbal periphrasis that allows to express in the present a statement which conveys an idea of the future.

How do you use near future tense?

The futur proche (near future) tense describes what is going to happen with certainty. To form the futur proche, use the present tense of aller (to go) plus an infinitive . To make it negative and say something is not going to happen, put ne … pas or n’… pas around the conjugated verb aller.

What are simple future tense?

The simple future refers to a time later than now, and expresses facts or certainty. In this case there is no ‘attitude’. The simple future is used: To predict a future event: It will rain tomorrow.

How do you say future and past tense in Spanish?

yo hablaré (I will speak)

  • tú hablarás (you will speak)
  • él,ella,usted hablará (he,she,you will speak)
  • nosotros,nosotras hablaremos (we will speak)
  • vosotros,vosotras hablaréis (you will speak)
  • ellos,ellas,ustedes hablarán (they,you will speak)
  • What are some examples of future tense?

    I will go to the beach.

  • My friends will join my baseball team.
  • Brianna will feed her cats later.
  • How to use the Spanish future tense?

    Conjectures,Possibilities,and Probabilities The simple future is often used to talk about things that may be or are probably true. examples Anita estará en la playa ahora.

  • Predictions about the Future The simple future is often used to make predictions about the future. examples Me casaré con un hombre guapo.
  • Solemn Commands
  • When to use future tense?

    To show that something will continue up until a particular event in the future. In October,I’ll have been working here for ten years.

  • To show something finished just before another time action (cause and effect).
  • With time expressions (by+then/tomorrow/next year etc.,by the time,when).