Should you use the same essay for different colleges?

Should you use the same essay for different colleges?

Fact: You should tailor your application essays to each school you’re applying to. While the main Common Application essay is meant to stay the same, many colleges have their own school-specific supplements with prompts meant to gauge a student’s knowledge of the institution and their motivations for applying.

Can you plagiarize yourself in college?

For students Self-plagiarism is not as serious as some other types of plagiarism, but your university will probably have a specific policy on self-plagiarism. At most universities, violation of the plagiarism policy results in an automatic zero and possible suspension or expulsion.

What colleges have no supplements?

Fortunately, there are several colleges that either don’t require a supplement or give the choice of an optional supplement….No supplement:Case Western Reserve University.University of Miami.Middlebury College.Colby College.Grinnell College.Hamilton College.