Planting a plot is the basis of landscape design

Proceeding from Darwin’s theory of evolution, even a single-celled infuzoria can evolve to a reasonable person, well, and higher primates, and are alike to our smaller brothers, even an auxiliary tool for solving their everyday needs. So what distinguishes a person from the rest of the animal world? Ability to think and make decisions? So your pet dog sometimes thinks faster than you. You just thought to open the refrigerator, and she is already near and waiting for a tasty cook. But your dog will never write poetry, and the monkey will never plant a beautiful flower.

From ancient times a man cultivated plants not only for food but also for beauty. Any, even the smallest piece of land near the house can be turned into a work of art. The variety of ornamental plants and shrubs is such that when skillful selection will please your eye from early spring to late autumn and even in the winter.

Where to start?

In each case, of course, an important result, but in order for it to be positive, one needs to have minimum agronomic training and to determine what will grow in your land well, but not so much. Pick up ornamental plants relevant to the climate and geographic location. Landscape design – it’s the same painting where crayons and paints replaced plants, so draw a sketch or a draft of the future landscape gardening on the leaf. Ideally, this should be done before building a dwelling and other buildings, but in practice this is not always the case. Armed with pencil and paper, draw a geometric plan (design, sketch), noting the real size of all areas of the alleged landscape landscaping.

Cream and roots or assortment roll

The loud word “roll” can be called a simple list of plants intended for planting a plot. In order to work with him easily, we make it as we increase the size of plants: first, grass cover, lawn grass, decorative soil-covering plants. After that, the annual flowers, taking into account the method of planting: how much seeds or seedlings will be needed. Same thing to do with perennials.

The next in the list will be shrub forms, here we turn from low to medium and high-growth. After the tall shrubs go to the trees, dividing them into coniferous and deciduous trees. Here, too, we begin with lower forms, passing to tall. In front of each name, do not forget to put the number of plants required for planting. When choosing an assortment, remember that with good selection of plants your area will be bright and in the cold season, you can achieve this by picking plants with brightly colored bark, for example, willow with a yellow bark to sit next to the blood-red.

Dendroplan or how not to break your forehead

Dendroplan is the “binding” of the assortment of plants from the list (information) to the geometric plan. Simply put, it is necessary to plan, where to plant a lawn grass, and where to plant a tall pine or a fir tree, since over time, a queen-looking three-year-old seedling waves a few tens of meters upwards, so we also consider the growth of crowns of trees, we plan their location taking into account the size of the adult plant. Otherwise we risk that, having struck a couple of times on a firm trunk with a forehead, we cut down a lovingly grown tree.

Villa, rake and shovel

So, everything is planned and taken into account. For the small, armed with garden tools, prepare the soil around your villa for future plantings. After performing works on soil preparation, we go to the nursery for the purchase of plants.

Where to get?

To buy plants is best in special nurseries, the price will depend on age, size and variety. Focus on your family budget, but do not want to buy more and cheaper: from felted seedlings with dried roots, it is unlikely to grow a beautiful plant.

Sober calculation or to entrust everything to a specialist

If you do not distinguish chamomile from egg yolk, if you sincerely believe that bulldog is a breed of dogs, then for planting the area it is better to turn to specialists. Our specialists in landscaping and landscape design are competent and space is planned, and the plants will be picked up, and the interests of the children and household will be taken into account. From you in this case you will need to conclude a contract: what, where, why, how much and how to pay for it. You can also conclude a contract for the annual maintenance of your green plantings. And then you will get a wonderful picture of the wonderful plants, not the slabs of bushes and spoiled nerves.