Is Zendik a cult?

Is Zendik a cult?

Five years later, when she finally left, she was convinced she had been part of a cult. Zendik was founded in Texas by Wulf Zendik (born Larry Wulfing) with his wife Arol Wulf (Carol Merson) before moving to North Carolina and later West Virginia.

What happened to the members of Zendik commune?

Wulf died in 1999 and Arol in 2012, and in 2013 the commune disbanded. Since leaving the group, Zuman, who in 2015 moved with her husband in Beacon, has been analyzing why she became a part of Zendik and what draws others to places like it.

Is Zendik the only way to outlive death culture?

Selling, too, was subject to the laws of psychic cause and effect. Those who truly believed in Zendik as the only place modeling the right way to be—the one tribe in which they belonged, and the one capable of outliving and transforming the “Deathculture”—would be able to translate that absolute belief in Zendik into sales/donations.

Why was ZAR so close to Arol?

He was close—and mostly loyal—to Arol, who’d taken over as the Farm’s sole leader when her partner, Wulf, had died in June 1999. That is, Zar drew his authority to dispense advice not from a record of wisdom or empathy, but from his rank in the Zendik hierarchy.