Is Turkish diaspore valuable?

Is Turkish diaspore valuable?

Postmasburg district, South Africa: manganiferous variety. Comments: Diaspore is hard enough to make a durable jewelry stone, but the typical light brownish color is not easy to sell. Despite the large Turkish material, this is a very rare gemstone indeed….Diaspore Information.

Data Value
Cleavage Perfect 1 direction

What colors does Zultanite change to?

The Zultanite changes its colour from kiwi green (in sunlight) to raspberry red (under artificial light and candlelight) depending on the light sources. It can also produce khaki green, cognac pink, pink champagne tones and ginger tones.

How does diaspore change color?

Color Change Diaspore Color Under natural or fluorescent light, most specimens appear light-olive or kiwi-green with flashes of yellow. Under incandescent lighting, the color shifts to more of a champagne hue. When exposed to subdued lighting (candlelight), a light pinkish-orange to raspberry-red color can be seen.

Is Zultanite a diaspore?

Zultanite is the trade name of diaspore that exhibits a color-change effect; the material appears yellow, pink, or green in different light sources. Zultanite has only been found in the Anatolian Mountains of Turkey (M. Hatipoglu and M.

What stone from Mexico that changes color?

Zultanite is the trade name of diaspore that exhibits a color-change effect; the material appears yellow, pink, or green in different light sources.

What is Turkish diaspore?

Diaspore is beautiful and exotic in a soft, subtle manner. It is also one of the lesser known of the color-change gemstones. Some of the finest examples of gem quality diaspore are found in Turkey’s Anatolian Mountains, but it can be found in numerous places around the globe.

What stone is diaspore?

Csarite, ottomanite, and zultanite are trade names for gem-quality diaspore (also known as Turkish diaspore) from the İlbir Mountains of southwest Turkey….

Formula (repeating unit) α-AlO(OH)
IMA symbol Dsp
Strunz classification 4.FD.10
Crystal system Orthorhombic

Can you wear color change diaspore as a ring?

Color change diaspore is ideal for any type of jewelry, including earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, pins and brooches, but when wearing diaspore as a ring, it is recommended that extra care be taken to prevent hard knocks and blows which can cause the stone to split. Note: Buy colored gemstones by size and not by carat weight.

What does a diaspore gemstone look like under natural light?

Under natural daylight or in fluorescent lighting, most Diaspore gemstones look light yellow, golden yellow or even a straw color. However as soon as the gemstone is moved into incandescent lighting or, even better, candlelight, it changes to a pinkish-orange or sunset-like color.

How is the price of diaspore determined?

There is a combination of factors which determine the price for Diaspore. As usual the color is very important and with this gemstone there is the added complication of two or three different colors – the yellow or green base color, the orange or raspberry color change plus the contrast between the two colors.

Is color change diaspore a birthstone?

Color change diaspore is not a very well-known gem, and since it is relatively new, there is very little fame, myth or legend associated with the stone. It is not known as an official birthstone for any month, and it has no official place in the scheme of astrology or planetary energies.