Is this a zombie who does Ayumi end up with?

Is this a zombie who does Ayumi end up with?

He is bad at rapping while doing it though. He is technically married to Sarasvati due to her drinking from the same drink and Yuki Yoshida (Tomonori) due to accidental kiss .

Who is the serial killer in Kore wa zombie?

Kyoko is one of the main antagonists of the novel and anime series Is This A Zombie? She is the serial killer who murdered Ayumu Aikawa. She was voiced by Noriko Shitaya in the Japanese version of the anime, and Lindsay Seidel in the English version.

How is this zombie end?

As a result of the final fight Ayumu becomes a normal human again. Also the world founds out about the supernatural but the reactions are only briefly mentioned so who cares. Ayumu’s dad finally comes home after being away for a billion years and Ayumu convinces him to let Yuu, Haruna and Sera live in their house.

What is the ending of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?

: LightNovels What is the ending of kore wa zombie desu ka light novels? It’s been a while. A quick run down from what I remember: Loli Mahou Shoujo queen tries to destroy the world because reasons. She obtains near infinite power via stealing off Yuu plus she has a army of 1 million mahou shoujo.

Is Kore wa Zombie~ an original anime?

I hesitate to call Kore wa Zombie~ an original anime, because it’s seems that Kore wa Zombie~’s idea of originality is to take as many ideas as possible, exaggerate them to the absolute maximum limit of the imagination, and then cram them together into a single, epic anime. So exactly is it that I mean when I say outrageousness?

Is this a zombie a non-ending?

Ya could just call it Is This a Zombie like regular English speakers. 😛 It has a non-ending that just begs for a season 3. omarssikins posted… No, he gets a harem ending and is still a zombie. Damn… I was certain Eucliwood would win : ( Seriously though LN ended with a harem end?