Is there any concession for ex servicemen in train?

Is there any concession for ex servicemen in train?

The amount of concession is 50% for men and 60% for women. Note: During the booking process, passenger in question would be asked for due certificates and an attested requisition ascertaining the claim.

What is ARMV in railway?

Rationalization of existing locations of Accident Relief Trains (ART) and Accident Relief Medical Vans (ARMV) would be undertaken for faster availability at site.

When did Railway Pension stop in India?

The ministry earlier sought the intervention of the finance ministry to meet its pension expenditure of Rs 53,000 crores in 2020-21. Indian Railways has around 13 lakh employees and roughly 15 lakh pensioners. However, salaries and pensions won’t be stopped.

How can I get promoted in Indian Railways?

Promotion from Group D to C

  1. Prescribed percentage (as given below) in nominated Group C categories are to be filled by promotion of Group D employees on selection on the basis of a written exam.
  2. Group D staff who complete 3 years of regular service on Dec 31 will be considered promotion if they apply.

What is Defence quota in train?

Defence Quota in Railways is intended for personels of Indian Armed Forces(Army, Navy, Airforce). Under this quota 2 seats are reserved in most of the trains in most of the classes across the country.

Can a Defence person travel in train without ticket?

Nobody can travel without ticket in a train. A soldier has to get the ticket issued against his warrant/ pass for which no charge will be taken.

What is Spart train?

High Speed Self Propelled Accident Relief Train (HS SPART) is a three car utility vehicle that has. Supervisory van. Medical Van. Tool Van.

What is Arme scale 2?

(8) Accident Relief Medical Equipment Scale II is located at selected stations where there is no accident relief train. They should be located at every 80 to 100 kms. apart, and preferably where there is a Railway hospital or a health unit.

How much do railways get after retirement?

(ii) A Railway Servant who has completed five years qualifying service is granted retirement gratuity equal to 1/4th of his salary for each completed six monthly period of qualifying service subject to a maximum of 16 ½ times the emoluments, provided that the amount of retirement gratuity payable shall, in no case …

What is new pension scheme in railway?

New Pension System (NPS) and its implementation. Transfer of accumulated NPS wealth to Railways in case of erroneous withdrawal, death/disability of NPS subscriber etc. Introduction of new account Heads for Additional relief on death/disability of Government servants under NPS in Indian Railway Finance Code Vol.

Can promotion be refused?

“(In cases where the reasons adduced by the officer for his refusal for promotion are not acceptable to the appointing authority, then he should enforce the promotion of the officer and in case the officer still refuses to be promoted, then even disciplinary action can be taken against him for refusing to obey his …

What is the salary of chief ticket inspector?

A chief ticket inspector salary ranges from Rs. 9300 to Rs. 34800 with grade pay of Rs. 4600 per month.