Is there a mummy two with Tom Cruise?

Is there a mummy two with Tom Cruise?

“The Mummy 2”: understand why the film with Tom Cruise did not have a sequel. The reboot of ‘The Mummy’ was supposed to kick off a new shared universe, but after failing among critics and disappointing at the box office, the entire project was scrapped. … Finally, “The Mummy 2” and Dark Universe have been canceled.

How tall is Boris Karloff?

5′ 11″Boris Karloff / Height

Where was the mummy 1932 filmed?

A Field Guide to Motion Picture Locations at Red Rock Canyon Mojave Desert, California by Richard J. Schmidt is an excellent source for filming locations in the area. Monsters from the Vault #23, The Mummy of Red Rock Canyon by Richard J. Schmidt is another great source by the above author.

Was The Mummy 2017 a flop?

The film received generally negative reviews from critics and despite grossing $410 million worldwide, it was estimated to have lost the studio as much as $95 million.

How old is Sara Karloff?

83 years (November 23, 1938)Sara Karloff / Age

What can we learn from Karloff’s last wife?

The ship has sailed and one’s mistakes are embalmed. But you can learn something for the next time. [on his last wife, Evelyn Hope, as reported by daughter Sara Karloff, regarding his ambushed appearance in This Is Your Life (1950) TV show] She sold me out for a washer and dryer!

What is the story of poor Karloff?

As his daughter has indicated, the “poor Karloff” mythos was created by her father himself, and made for good studio publicity. When his daughter was born, he rushed from the hospital in full make up as Frankenstein’s monster.

What happened to Jack Karloff on Groundhog Day?

Ironically, he died on Groundhog Day, in 1969. Bore an uncanny resemblance to silent horror legend, Lon Chaney, whose career he took over and emulated his “thousand faces” elaborate makeup transformations. According to his daughter, Sara Karloff, his favorite film of his was Targets (1968) and his favorite actor was George Kennedy.

Did Boris Karloff ever kiss a female co-star?

Although he came close in a deleted scene from The Mummy (1932), much like fellow horror actor, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff never once got to share a kiss with a female co-star in a romantic scene during his entire Hollywood career.