Is the Ford Ka Zetec a good car?

Is the Ford Ka Zetec a good car?

At motorway speeds, the Ford Ka Zetec lacks refinement, but it’s still very comfortable for a small car. It’s a shame that its engine doesn’t have the power and enthusiasm to make it really entertaining on the road and let it live up to the sporty Zetec trim.

What engine does a Ford Ka have?

The new Ford Ka offers two engines – a 1.0-liter, in-line three-cylinder, 12-valve with TiVCT technology (producing up to 85 advertised HP) and the 1.5-liter in-line four-cylinder, 16-valve engine featured in the more basic versions of the Fiesta (producing up to 110 advertised HP); gearbox options are limited to the …

Are Ford Kas reliable?

It is worth bearing in mind that this car shares a lot of its parts with the Fiat 500, so parts availability will be better than most if something does go wrong. Ford as a brand finished in 18th place out of 31 manufacturers in our most recent reliability survey.

Is a Ford Ka cheap to run?

Thanks to the frugal engine, low insurance groups and affordable Ford servicing and parts, the Ka is predictably inexpensive to run. There is good fuel economy on the 1.3-litre, though the SportKa likes a little drink if you’re overly enthusiastic with it. Depreciation is reasonably good on all but the top-spec models.

What engine is in a 2011 Ford Ka?

Engine manufacturer: Fiat FIRE-series
Displacement: 1242 cm3 / 76.1 cui
What power?
Horsepower net: 51 kW / 69 PS / 68 hp (ECE)
/ 5500

Is Zetec better than titanium?

The Ford Focus Titanium offers a much higher spec and more features than the Ford Focus Zetec and this is reflected in the initial purchase price. Both the Ford Focus Zetec and Ford Focus Titanium are excellent options if you’re looking for a spacious hatchback with smooth performance and excellent styling.

What kind of car is a Ford Ka?

The Ford Ka is a small car manufactured by Ford Motor Company from 1996 to 2016 as a city car and from 2016 onwards as a subcompact car. It entered its second generation in 2008, produced by Fiat in Tychy, Poland. A third generation was introduced in 2016.

When did the Ford Ka come out in New Zealand?

The Ka was also sold in New Zealand between 1999 and 2004, and was replaced by the newer Fiesta. The Ka was the best-selling car in its class in the United Kingdom for a number of years and commanded around a fifth of the city car market.

How many mpg does a 2010 Ford Focus get?

2010 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec (man. 5) (model up to December 2010 for Europe U.K.) car specifications & performance data review How much horsepower? What engine size? What dimensions? – Specifications Table What power? How fast is this car? What top speed? How much fuel? – Performance Data ECE 90/120/city (comb.): 32.5 / 51.4 / 42.2 mpg (imp.)

Where can I find all the specs for the Ka?

On this page, you will find all the key specs for the Ka from overall fuel efficiency in MPG and its top speed in MPH, to running costs, dimensions, data and lots more. With Parkers you’ll find the most comprehensive source of car specs online.