Is the BMW Series 3 a reliable car?

Is the BMW Series 3 a reliable car?

BMW has a reputation for making solidly reliable cars, but its disappointing 21st placing (out of 30 manufacturers) in our 2021 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey shows there’s still areas that require some improvement. The 3 Series finished in 31st spot out of 75 cars in the Driver Power Best cars to own poll.

Are BMW estates reliable?

BMW as a brand has been improving and managed a 9th place result out of 31 manufacturers in our latest reliability survey. Petrol versions of the 3 Series have proven to be more reliable than the diesel alternative, with petrol coming in 5th and diesel ending up in 10th out of 19 in the executive class.

Which model of BMW 3 Series is the best?

Best BMW 3 Series Saloon deals At the top of the range, meanwhile, the powerful M340i xDrive, with its 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine, is probably the best choice if power and performance are your number one priority. The diesel-powered M340d isn’t quite as powerful, but it is nearly as fast.

Is the BMW f31 reliable?

So far, the 340i’s are proving to be reliable cars all around. Of course, when we say reliable we’re making that comparison to other modern BMW’s. A 340i is still a mid-range performance car so higher maintenance and repair costs should be expected. It’s no Toyota.

Why buy a BMW 3 Series Touring estate?

Ever since it first arrived in 1987, the BMW 3 Series Touring estate has been the car to beat for those looking for a fun, upmarket load-lugger. Aided by rear-wheel drive and powerful engines, it has always outclassed the Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class in the driving department, even if things have become much closer over the years.

What is the interior of a BMW 3 series like?

It’s standard on the M340i and optional on 320d and 330d. Even in its most basic form, the interior of the BMW 3 Series is very high in quality, with tactile materials and slick switches used throughout. The driving position is quite low down, but comes with a lot of adjustment for the seat and steering wheel.

Is the BMW 3 Series Touring the luggage King?

Before SUVs took over the world, estate cars were the luggage kings, and the BMW 3 Series Touring is one that appeals to drivers while remaining unfazed by the prospect of wardrobe transportation.

Is the BMW 3 Series Touring all-wheel drive or AWD?

Trim varieties aside, the main attribute of the 3 Series Touring is the way it drives. It’s rear-wheel drive and offers a great driving experience, steering and handling with just enough precision for a keen driver. There’s also an excellent four-wheel drive option: the xDrive.