Is Suddenlink only in Texas?

Is Suddenlink only in Texas?

Suddenlink is available virtually nationwide, with coverage in states in the Southeast and Midwest as well as on the West Coast, including Texas, West Virginia, Louisiana, and 14 other states. Amarillo and Charleston are among the major metro areas served by Suddenlink cable internet.

Is spectrum and Suddenlink the same?

Although both Suddenlink and Spectrum offer a variety of bundles, the key difference is that Suddenlink offers over 100 channels more. In addition, Suddenlink offers more bandwidth than Spectrum for nearly the same price.

What carrier does Suddenlink use?

Together with Optimum – the name used by Cablevision for its products – Altice USA became the United States’ fourth largest cable operator with 4.6 million subscribers, and the sixth largest Pay TV service provider with 3.50 million subscribers….Suddenlink Communications.

Type Subsidiary
Parent Altice USA

Are Suddenlink and Comcast the same company?

Altice USA comprises the assets of New York-area cable operator Cablevision, which Altice bought in a deal worth $17.7 billion; and Suddenlink, acquired for $9.1 billion in 2015. The combination made it the fourth-largest U.S. cable operator behind Comcast, Charter Communications and Cox Communications.

Is Suddenlink available in Kilgore Texas?

Internet Providers in Kilgore, TX

Provider Service Type Area Availability*
Suddenlink Cable 99%
Viasat Satellite 100%
Frontier Fiber 65%
HughesNet Satellite 100%

Is Suddenlink in San Antonio?

Suddenlink is available only in a tiny section of the San Antonio area (less than 1%). If you’re looking for cable internet, check out Spectrum Internet instead.

Where is Suddenlink headquarters?

St. Louis, MOSuddenlink Communications / Headquarters

Is Suddenlink available in Odessa TX?

AT is the best internet provider in Odessa, TX , with download speeds up to 100 Mbps and pricing starting at $45.00. There are currently 8 providers that offer internet service in Odessa, TX . AT, AT Fiber, HughesNet, ViaSat, EarthLink, Sparklight, RCN and Suddenlink offer internet service in Odessa, TX .

Is Suddenlink available in Longview Texas?

The largest internet providers in Longview are AT, Suddenlink, and Cam-Tel Company bringing DSL and cable options to Longview. DSL internet from AT is available to most Longview residents, covering 84% of households. Some will also have the option of cable from Suddenlink, which covers 13% of the area.

Where is Suddenlink Internet in the United States?

You’ll find Suddenlink serviceable areas in over 1,500 cities in the Midwest, West and South, with their largest coverage area in West Virginia. Take a look at the Suddenlink internet coverage map below to see if you may be in a Suddenlink service area.

What kind of services does Suddenlink offer?

Suddenlink Services. As a brand within the Altice USA corporation, Suddenlink offers: Residential and business broadband Internet. Residential and business television service. Residential and business digital voice service. Targeted TV and online advertising for business customers.

How many Suddenlink locations are there in West Virginia?

The PSC says Suddenlink currently operates in 31 counties in the state and has 115 service areas but it only operates seven business centers in West Virginia.

Why has Suddenlink been fined for poor service?

“We got here because thousands of Suddenlink customers had been complaining about their cable service, said Chairwoman, Charlotte Lane. “We opened up a general investigation and found that Suddenlink has failed to provide safe and reliable and adequate service and as a result of that we fined them.”