Is Star Wars 1313 still coming out?

Is Star Wars 1313 still coming out?

Star Wars 1313 was first announced back at E3 2012, but it was placed on hold the following year following the Disney buy-out of Lucasfilm. Later that year, Disney announced it had ended internal game development at LucasArts, cancelling the 1313 and other Star Wars projects.

Why did Star Wars 1313 get Cancelled?

1313 started development in 2009 but was canceled after LucasArts shut down in 2013—a casualty of Disney’s acquisition of all things Lucasfilm and Star Wars.

Is Star Wars 1313 back in development?

Star Wars 1313 is a cancelled action-adventure video game that was under development by LucasArts. A LucasArts representative indicated that the game may be revived through a licensing deal with an outside studio, but until then Star Wars 1313 remains on hold.

How many Star Wars games are there for Xbox 360?

Though there are only three confirmed Star Wars games as of 2006, LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, rumors abound of the development of a third installment in the Knights of the Old Republic series.

Who Cancelled Star Wars 1313?

The Walt Disney Company
After a period of developmental limbo following The Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise, production on Star Wars: 1313 was terminated when Disney closed down LucasArts and laid off its staff on April 3, 2013.

Can you play Star Wars Clone Wars on Xbox 360?

YES. Great game for Star Wars fans and non-Star Wars fans alike. 1.0 out of 5 stars I got the Clone Wars/Tetris bundle that does not work on the Xbox 360.

Why was LucasArts shut down?

A statement read simply: After evaluating our position in the games market, we’ve decided to shift LucasArts from an internal development to a licensing model, minimizing the company’s risk while achieving a broader portfolio of quality Star Wars games.

Does George Lucas own LucasArts?

LucasArts became known for its line of adventure games based on its SCUMM engine in the 1990s, including Maniac Mansion, the Monkey Island series, and several Indiana Jones titles….Lucasfilm Games.

Formerly LucasArts Entertainment Company, LLC (1990–2021)
Founded May 1, 1982
Founder George Lucas