Is sodium metasilicate corrosive?

Is sodium metasilicate corrosive?

Sodium metasilicate, a very corrosive compound, is precipitated by acids and alkaline earth and heavy metal ions. When heated or acidified, solutions of the compound are hydrolyzed to free sodium ions and silicic acid.

How does sodium metasilicate dissolve in water?

Bring purified water to a low simmer (approximately 175 degrees) on an electric stove. Stir sodium silicate powder into hot water with a long-handled metal spoon. Continue stirring until the powder is completely dissolved. Remove solution from heat and allow it to cool to room temperature.

Is sodium metasilicate biodegradable?

Disodium metasilicate is an inorganic substance and therefore not amenable to biodegradation. It is not expected to bioaccumulate. It is of low toxicity concern to aquatic organisms.

Is sodium metasilicate pentahydrate corrosive?

MAJOR HEALTH HAZARDS: CORROSIVE. CAUSES SEVERE SKIN BURNS AND SERIOUS EYE DAMAGE. Spilled solutions of sodium metasilicate may pose a slipping hazard. PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENTS: Keep only in original container.

Is sodium metasilicate a surfactant?

SODIUM METASILICATE PENTAHYDRATE APPLICATION A major use is as a builder (a material that enhances or maintains the cleaning efficiency of the surfactant, principally by inactivating water hardness) in soaps and detergents. Mainly used in making high efficiency detergents and metal cleaners.

Is sodium metasilicate pentahydrate organic?

Sodium metasilicate is an inorganic salt that typically appears as a white powdered or flaked solid.

What is sodium metasilicate pentahydrate used for?

Sodium metasilicate is used in fireproofing mixtures; in laundry, dairy, metal, and floor cleaning; in deinking paper; in washing carbonated drink bottles; in insecticides, fungicides, and antimicrobial compounds; as a chemical intermediate for silica gel catalysts; as an ingredient in adhesives; as a bleaching aid to …

Is sodium silicate water soluble?

Properties. Sodium silicates are colorless glassy or crystalline solids, or white powders. Except for the most silicon-rich ones, they are readily soluble in water, producing alkaline solutions.

Is sodium metasilicate corrosion inhibitor?

By forming a protective barrier, the soluble silica content of Metso Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrate acts as a corrosion inhibitor and protects metal, glass and ceramic surfaces against alkaline attack from other detergent ingredients such as phosphates, synthetic detergents and other alkalis.

Is sodium metasilicate toxic to humans?

Because sodium metasilicates have a high pH, they can be acutely toxic. Sodium metasilicates have exhibited moderate toxicity to aquatic organisms and slight toxicity to terrestrials organisms. The diluted material will decompose to become silica that is no different that natural dissolved silica.

How much sodium metasilicate is in a rat?

ATE US (oral) 1280.000 mg/kg body weight. Sodium metasilicate (6834-92-0) LD50 oral rat 1280 mg/kg ATE US (oral) 1280.000 mg/kg body weight Skin corrosion/irritation : Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

What is the pH of sodium metasilicate?

The pH typically ranges from 12.4 to 12.7. This property makes sodium metasilicate irritating to the skin, mucous membranes and eyes. Contact with the eyes can cause severe irritation, pain, and corneal burns possibly leading to blindness. Direct contact with the skin may cause irritation.

Is sodium metasilicate harmful to rabbits?

Sodium Metasilicate (42.4% H2O) was corrosive to the rabbit eye. Sodium Silicate was a severe eye irritant in some eye irritation studies, but was irritating or nonirritating in others. A skin freshener containing Sodium Silicate was nonirritating.