Is Shattered glass Megatron a good guy?

Is Shattered glass Megatron a good guy?

For other meanings, see Megatron (disambiguation), Galvatron (disambiguation). Megatron is the nice leader of the heroic Decepticons from the Shattered Glass continuity family. In the mirrorverse, math isn’t evil.

Did Megatron win the Beast Wars?

his aggressions were rebuffed, however, and the Maximals launched a counter-strike. After having secured access to the Predacon ship, the Maximals destroyed Megatron, winning the Beast Wars in the process.

Is Megatron the same in Beast Wars?

However, the second most popular incarnation of the villain is the Megatron of Beast Wars. A descendant of the original Decepticon leader, this Predacon rogue sought to embark on a grand conspiracy that would change the fate of Transformers history. Unknown to some fans, his name wasn’t always Megatron.

When did Megatron become an Autobot?

In the face of enduring a shocking betrayal from a trusted Decepticon and barely surviving a grave injury in the process, Megatron began evaluating his actions and motives. After Shockwave killed Bumblebee, Megatron surprised everyone by taking the fallen Transformer’s insignia and proclaiming himself an Autobot.

Is Megatron from Beast Wars Megatron?

Megatron in the Beast Wars TV show. Megatron is the leader of the Predacons. His beast mode is a fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex.

What was Megatron’s name in Beast Wars?


Characters in the Beast Wars franchise
Name Beast mode Gender
Dinobot II Velociraptor Male
Blackarachnia Black widow spider Female
Megatron T. rex / dragon Male

Are Prime and Megatron brothers?

Optimus Prime and Megatron are not and have never been brothers, regardless of the Generation in question. The two of them have been brothers in arms and close friends, initially, but they weren’t brothers. The signification “brother” is, in their case, exclusively symbolic and has no other meaning.

What happened to Megatron after the battle with Starscream?

Shattered Glass Sometime later, Megatron led the defense of the Arch-Ayr fuel dump that the Decepticons had recently rediscovered. He ended up being injured enough to be taken out of the fight, and Starscream fussed over and helped repair him.

What did Megatron do to the Autobots?

When the Autobots were intending to launch from Cybertron in a battleship, Megatron led an attack on their base of operations, and he and his men were able to destroy the Autobot ship. Shattered Glass Apparently, he carries around a mini Megazarak on his arm.

Is Megatron good or bad?

Megatron is the nice leader of the heroic Decepticons in the Shattered Glass continuity family. In the mirrorverse, math isn’t evil. Megatron was a young mathematician who lectured at a university in Polyhex. Because of this, he noticed a disturbing trend in the numbers: civil war was certain!

How did Megatron end up on Earth?

At some point during the subsequent Great War between the evil Autobots and heroic Decepticons, Megatron crash-landed on Earth, and was stranded there until more Decepticons arrived to help repair him.