Is selamectin toxic to humans?

Is selamectin toxic to humans?

Little is known regarding the health effects in humans chronically exposed to selamectin. However, experimental data suggest little potential for toxicity.

Is selamectin toxic to dogs?

Selamectin is safe for topical use on dogs at the recommended minimum dosage of 6mgkg(-1) (6-12mgkg(-1)) monthly starting at 6 weeks of age, and including dogs of reproducing age, avermectin-sensitive Collies, and heartworm-positive dogs.

Does stronghold have side effects?

The most common side effects with Stronghold Plus (which may affect up to 1 in 100 cats) are mild to moderate alopecia (hair loss) at the application site, erythema (reddening of the skin) and drooling Page 3 Stronghold Plus EMA/799111/2016 Page 3/3 saliva.

Is selamectin toxic for cats?

Selamectin is a broad-spectrum avermectin endectocide that is safe for use in cats starting at six weeks of age, including heartworm-infected cats and cats of reproducing age, when administered topically to the skin monthly at the recommended dosage to deliver at least 6mgkg(-1).

What is the difference between revolution and stronghold?

the only difference i can find is that Revolution is EPA approved in the US and Stronghold is for sale internationally, that and the price. Stronghold on average is half the price of Revolution.

How long do selamectin side effects last?

In dogs, seizures and incoordination have been rarely reported. This long-acting medication may last up to 4 – 6 weeks, and may last longer in pets with kidney or liver disease.

Is selamectin safe for Collies?

Selamectin (Revolution, Pfizer Animal Health) is the only product licensed by the FDA for the treatment and control of scabies. Selamectin is apparently safe in collies, related breeds, and their crosses.

What does stronghold treat?

What is Stronghold used for? Stronghold is used to treat and prevent infestations with parasites that live on the skin or in the fur of cats and dogs, such as fleas and mites, as well as treating worm parasites that live inside the body.

Why do you need a prescription for stronghold?

Stronghold Spot-On Solution is effective against fleas; ear mites; lice; sarcoptic mange, as well as intestinal roundworms. It also prevents against heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis). This product requires a prescription from your vet & will only be dispatched once we receive this prescription.

What does selamectin do for cats?

Selamectin is used to kill adult fleas and ear mites in dogs and cats. It also kills Sarcoptes scabiei, a mite that causes sarcoptic mange (scabies), certain ticks in dogs, and hookworms and roundworms in cats. Selamectin is also used to prevent heartworm disease and flea infestation in dogs and cats.

Is selamectin safe for pregnant cats?

The original Revolution (selamectin) topical product is labeled safe to use in breeding males/females, as well as pregnant and lactating queens. Revolution has a similar spectrum of parasite coverage as – heartworm prevention and flea, hookworm, roundworm, and ear mite treatment.

Are strongholds safe for dogs?

Field studies also showed that Stronghold was 100% effective in preventing heartworm disease in dogs and cats. It is also effective in treating ear mites in cats and dogs. In the treatment of sarcoptic mange in dogs, two treatments given 30 days apart were required to completely eliminate the mites in dogs.

How much Selamectin is safe for a cat?

Although the minimum dose-rate of 6 mg/kg is identical for cats and dogs, there is evidence from pharmacokinetic studies that the topical treatment of cats resulted in approximately 50 times higher levels of selamectin within the animal compared to dogs [10].

How effective is selamectin for Ferret heartworm prevention?

Selamectin was 99.5% effective in preventing heart- worm infection at a dose rate of 6 mg/kg and 100% effective at a dose rate of 18 mg/kg body weight.9Kramer et al12report use of selamectin in ferrets without problems at a dose of 18 mg/kg body weight monthly for heartworm prevention. Intern J Appl Res Vet Med • Vol. 5, No. 3, 2007.89

Are there any adverse effects of selamectin on guinea pigs?

There were no adverse effects following treatment. For convenience, Beck10 recommends that small guinea pigs (those weighing less than 800 g body weight) are treated with 15 mg selamectin and those weighing 800 g or more are treated with 30 mg selamectin ap- plied as a spot-on to the skin of the neck.

Can selamectin be used for mange in dogs?

The commercial formula- tion of selamectin has label claims for the treatment of otodectic mange caused by Otodectes cynotis in dogs and cats and for sarcoptic mange due to Sarcoptes infestation in dogs. It also has claims against fleas and biting lice in dogs and cats, Toxocara spp in dogs and cats, and hookworms in cats.