Is Sako 85 good?

Is Sako 85 good?

The walnut Hunter, however, appeals to the purist and is a very elegant and well-handling rifle. In fact, the classic lines make the Sako 85 Hunter one of the nicest looking stalking rifles on the market, coupled with the Sako stamp of quality and accuracy.

How good are Sako?

Sako rifles have always enjoyed an enviable reputation for both rugged dependability and above-average accuracy straight out of the box. Sako has always been mindful of its special reputation in this respect and no rifle ever leaves the factory before being test-fired.

Is Sako S20 any good?

I’ve had the opportunity over the years to evaluate a fair number of SAKO rifles and they are always accurate. The trigger on the S20 is excellent. It adjusts from 2 pounds up to 4 pounds, and has no discernable creep. It’s a great trigger on any rifle, but it’s unusually shooter-friendly on such a factory rifle.

Are Sako good guns?

Is the Sako A7 a good rifle?

The A7 sports the same cold hammer forged, free-floating barrel as all of Sako’s other rifles. Understandable, as this has proved itself over decades of use. Unsurprisingly, the rifle shot very well. I would have been shocked if it hadn’t, since it combines aspects of two rifles that are well known for producing the goods straight out the box.

How does the Sako A7 detachable box magazine work?

The Sako A7’s Total Control detachable box magazine connects to the rifle’s action rather than the mag well and is extremely secure. Sako calls the latch system, which is also found on the Model 85, the Total Control system, and you must depress the front of the magazine slightly before pressing the catch.

Does the Sako A7 have a dovetail rail?

Interestingly, the A7 does not boast the tapered dovetail rail that is iconic of all Sako’s other rifles. This is a significant departure from tradition. Instead Sako has opted for Weaver-style bases on the rifle. Mounting a scope only requires the shooter to source Weaver-compatible rings.

Is the A7 a good rifle?

However, the A7 presented a totally new range of rifles, designed to fill the gap between the Sako 85 and the cheaper but ever popular Tikka T3 (owned by the same company). I really didn’t have any idea of what to expect, but knowing how well Sako and Tikka rifles functioned and shot, I had no doubt that the result would be good.