Is Robert Half a real company?

Is Robert Half a real company?

Robert Half, formally referred to as Robert Half International Inc., is a global human resource consulting firm based in Menlo Park, California founded in 1948. It is a member of the S&P 500, and is credited as being the world’s first and largest accounting and finance staffing firm, with over 345 locations worldwide.

How long does it take for Robert Half to find you a job?

The hiring process was quick and easy, only about 2 days long.

How do I close my Robert Half account?

You may also make an information access and/or deletion request by contacting us the toll-free phone number at (800) 803-9336, by email at [email protected] or postal mail at the address in the “Contact Us” section below.

Is Apidel staffing legit?

As per your feedback: 1] Apidel as an organization is a scam Indian Call Centre. 2] The company cheats people by paying half of what they are legally required to pay.

Who is the CEO of Robert Half?

M. Keith Waddell (Dec 15, 2019–)Robert Half / CEO

When was Robert Half founded?

March 1948Robert Half / Founded

Is working with a recruiter worth it?

When are job recruiters worth it? In most cases, working with a job recruiter is worth it for job applicants. A recruiter can send an applicant’s resume to more jobs than the applicant can on their own. However, some companies may only think a recruiter is worth the investment for certain positions.

How much does Keith Waddell make?

Compensation by Company

Name And Title Total Cash Total Compensation
M. Keith Waddell President and Chief Executive Officer Total Cash $1,713,732 Total Compensation $6,595,507
Michael C. Buckley Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Total Cash $1,056,689 Total Compensation $2,817,668

Who bought Robert Half?

We pioneered the idea of professional talent solutions nearly 70 years ago and, as the needs of businesses have evolved, so have we. In 1986, when current leadership acquired the Robert Half business from founder Bob Half, the staffing industry was much different than it is today.

Is Robert half a good staffing agency?

As the most popular staffing agency in the world, Robert Half has its fair share of glowing reviews from actual clients. Here’s a sample of what some hiring managers have to say about their experience dealing with Robert Half.

Is Robert half a good place to work from home?

This is a good work from home job. Some days are more busy than others. The company is not very organized and the work seems redundant but it is overall a fair job for the pay Was this review helpful? Do not recommend Robert Half in Oklahoma City. Poor experience overall with their staff and job expectations.

How much does robertrobert half pay per hour?

Robert Half took almost HALF of a contracted hourly pay rate. RH paid me 17 per/hr for a 30 per/hr job & collected 13 per every hr I worked. RUN! Helpful Be the first one to find this review helpful Yuri of Hialeah, FLVerified Reviewer Original review: Jan. 8, 2022

Can a recruiter help me get a job with Robert half?

I recently worked with a recruiter from Robert Half for a position they contacted me about but I ended up not getting an offer. Recruiter mentioned that if I am interested in other job listings they can help me get more information, etc.