DPMS is a sister company of PSA.

What pattern is PSA pa10?

The Gen 3 PSA PA-10 is (I think!) a Generation 1 DPMS LR-308 pattern rifle with a “high profile” upper receiver which feeds from the much more common SR-25 pattern magazines.

Did Palmetto State buy DPMS?

PSA has a few of their own brands of firearms and their purchase of DPMS firearms, Stormlake barrels, and AAC Silencers really makes sense.

Is a PA10 mil spec?

The styling of the PA-10 upper receiver is almost identical to a Mil-Spec AR-15 upper besides the glaringly obvious size difference. This is needed to house the beefed-up internals that is required to make the PA-10 run.

Is AR-10 a good gun?

Shooting situation: Due to its effective range, the AR10 is a better choice for long-distance shooting and is especially reliable in hunting. Also, the lightness of the rifle is an important factor when it comes to accuracy and reliability.