Is Orthos Prime still good 2021?

Is Orthos Prime still good 2021?

Orthos Prime is a superb polearm weapon. You will need to be Mastery Rank 12 to use it, but taking this for a spin will make you understand the insane power it can unleash. With a critical chance of 24 percent, a status chance of 36 percent, and a critical multiplier of 2.2x, the build options for this are varied.

Is Orthos Prime better than Guandao prime?

Orthos has higher Attack Speed, Guandao has higher Damage/Crits. and strangely a longer Hit Counter. unless you have a major hardon for Attack Speed (which caps out at like 3.5 or 4x, somewhere around there), Guandao is just better.

Is Orthos Prime Good Reddit?

Both are very good hybrid weapons with 70% slash damage. In my testing VS level 180 Nox/CHG Orthos Prime performs around 20% better in kill times. Both are superb polearms. I’d advise you to just pick the one you like more, the difference is no worth banging your head over.

What is the best sword in Warframe 2021?

The Nikana Prime is the best melee weapon in Warframe and therefore worth farming and making – and it doesn’t hurt that its design is pretty great too. Its stats are great too, so it will do pretty well for you even if you haven’t made it yet. And the Nikana Prime is unrivaled as a heavy attack weapon.

What is the best polearm in Warframe?

Here are the three best polearms in the game:

  • Orthos prime (0.65)
  • Guandao Prime (0.6)
  • Lesion (0.7)

Is Guandao Prime Good Reddit?

The Guandao Prime is good because its a high crit slash based status polearm. Combined woth the forced slash procs from the stance it will deal massive damage.

Is the orthos a stave?

The Tenno forged Orthos is a rare double bladed staff. Those who take the time to master it speak of its impressive striking distance and ability to hit multiple targets.

Is the Orthos Prime vaulted?

The Orthos Prime is one of the “permanent” weapons of the Warframe universe. This means that it was among the Tenno even before their awakening. It was never been vaulted because it wasn’t introduced along with a Prime warframe.

Is Glaive prime good?

The Glaive Prime is a deadly and beautiful weapon from the Orokin era. The blades are as effective in close quarters as they are when thrown at distant enemies.

How good is the orthos Prime?

The Orthos Prime is the primed variant of the Orthos polearm, acting as a direct upgrade. ‍ 5,000 . This weapon deals primarily Slash damage. High Slash damage – effective against health. Third highest critical chance of all polearms, behind Guandao and Guandao Prime. Above average critical multiplier.

Is the orthos prime good in shimmering blight?

The Orthos Prime’s polarity for its Stance slot makes it ideal for slotting in Shimmering Blight immediately. While the Orthos Prime can also use Bleeding Willow, its polarity will reduce the number of its bonus mod capacity, unless changed using Forma.

Can orthos prime use bleeding Willow?

While the Orthos Prime can also use Bleeding Willow, its polarity will reduce the number of its bonus mod capacity, unless changed using Forma. The Orthos Prime (and its normal counterpart the Orthos) has a unique equipped normal attack animation where it performs thrusting and stabbing attacks against an enemy.

Is the op polearm worth it?

More sharing options… The O.P. is pretty good, especially if you’d rather spam quick melee or slide attacks, or just don’t have the one good polearm stance, because its quick melee animation loops and it has superb reach. However, it’s no longer op, because you can’t melee through terrain anymore.