Is OmniGraffle worth it?

Is OmniGraffle worth it?

If you’re a Mac-exclusive user, OmniGraffle might still be worth it. It’s certainly cheaper than Visio. But it also doesn’t have as many shape libraries. You can augment this by downloading additional stencil sets from sites like Graffletopia, usually for a fee.

What can I do with OmniGraffle?

OmniGraffle is used to create graphics and visuals. The application features several design tools, along with a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface and a notes function that annotate and create specification documentation for prototypes and mockups.

Is balsamiq any good?

Balsamiq offers the most basic functions of a feature-rich wireframing tool to ensure it performs well with little to no learning curve. The app is good and easy to use. It is great for creating quick design sketches and low-fidelity mockups.

What is Balsamiq mockups used for?

Balsamiq Mockups is a user interface design tool for creating wireframes (also called mockups or low-fidelity prototypes). You can use it to generate digital sketches of your product ideas to facilitate discussion and understanding before any code is written.

Does OmniGraffle work on Windows?

Device compatibility for seamless diagramming Lucidchart works uniformly across all devices and supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, so device incompatibility is never an issue for you and your team. OmniGraffle only works with Mac and iOS operating systems.

Is OmniGraffle available on Windows?

OmniGraffle is not available for Windows but there are plenty of alternatives that runs on Windows with similar functionality. The best Windows alternative is, which is both free and Open Source.

How much does OmniGraffle cost?

The Standard version of OmniGraffle for iOS is $49 and the Pro version (which you need for Visio file support) is $99.99 but you can try it for free. However, you can also use other Mac compatible drawing tablets with OmniGraffle including WACOMs.

Is OmniGraffle the best Visio alternative for Mac?

You can easily group and ungroup items in OmniGraffle too. OmniGraffle is also the only alternative to Visio on Mac that fully utilizes the Touch Bar on new MacBook Pros.

Can you use OmniGraffle on iPad?

Apart from the Mac app, OmniGraffle has a very decent native iPad app too. OmniGraffle for iOS can also open Visio files and stencils and makes it easy to design on your iPad. The iPad app allows you to drag and drop layers, objects and photos from your iPad.