Is NZT-48 a real drug?

Is NZT-48 a real drug?

You’ve probably realized that NZT-48 is fictional. It’s the nootropic featured in the Limitless movie and in the Limitless TV show. So people sometimes call it the “limitless pill” or “limitless drug.” But, officially, the limitless pill’s name is NZT-48.

How effective is NZT?

Is NZT effective? When taken as directed (one pill per day for seven consecutive days), NZT has been shown to be 97.3% effective in improving memory, hand-eye coordination and a host of cognitive abilities. In those cases where NZT was not effective, subjects did not finish the full therapeutic regimen.

What is the brand name for propoxyphene?

Brand names: Propoxyphene Compound 65, Darvon Compound 32, Darvon Compound-65, PC-CAP. Drug class(es): narcotic analgesic combinations. Aspirin/caffeine/propoxyphene systemic is used in the treatment of: Pain.

Are no nootropics as powerful as NZT-48?

Nootropics in real life are not anywhere near as powerful as NZT-48 because they don’t have the benefit of Hollywood movie magic. On the bright side, there are also no nootropics which are anywhere near as brutal as NZT-48 in terms of the side effects.