Is Muu Alexius a fanalis?

Is Muu Alexius a fanalis?

Muu Alexius (ムー・アレキウス, Mū.Arekiusu) is a half-blood Fanalis and the former leader of Reim Empire ‘s Fanalis Corps. He is the owner of the Djinn Barbatos.

Who is Masrur?

Masrur is a Fanalis, and Morgiana ‘s fighting instructor. Currently, he’s in Reim Empire as a member of the Fanalis Corps under Muu Alexius . Masrur is a tall muscular man with red hair and eyes. He has a piercing on his lower lip and carries a sword that he is not so proficient at using.

Why does Muu tell Titus Alexius to return to Reim?

Soon after, Muu locates Titus Alexius and tells him to return to Reim. When Titus says that he doesn’t want to return because he also has important people to protect, Muu laughs at him and says that he cannot live together with them because he is unnatural, and the same goes for them.

What does Masrur tell Morgiana about Alibaba?

When he speaks again, he tells her Alibaba probably wouldn’t want that. He states that “Metal vessel users are strong. Alibaba and Sin…. Would be fine, even if we are not around.” Morgiana sadly takes this information in and Masrur continues on.